It’s always a challenge to figure out what words to use when describing genetialia. In the last few years “cunt” has made a comeback but I still find myself hesitant to use it, loads of baggage there, it hasn’t been a very nice word aimed at women, a gender slur. And yet, authors whose work I like are using it and it makes me wonder if at this point, it’s my issue. I’ll have to see, I can’t see using a word I don’t like or that makes me uncomfortable with, it’ll come across in the writing and generally, I try to avoid sounding uncomfortable during a sex scene. Pussy is good, or you can break it down into component parts – clit, labia, etc. Slit is naughty and appropriate in certain situations. I’ve seen po po and I have to laugh because it’s what my mom used to call it when she was potty training me a million years ago. Not sexy. Center is good, sex is good.

Switching genders -Another word, and this one makes me roll my eyes, is boner. It seems so very ninth grade and it makes me want to giggle. Another thing I prefer not to evoke during a sex scene would be giggling at the merchandise. Generally, I use cock, it’s a good word, strong, a wee bit taboo, dead sexy (and I am thinking in a Scottish accent so work with me here) – just like the object it names. I’ve used penis from time to time, it’s utilitarian, dick here and there but again, it brings up high school associations. Words I never use, schlong – uh, no, not sexy; tool, again, eww; or manroot (and yes, I have seen this one used, seriously, honest).

I find it mildly hilarious that I spend so much time contemplating such things.

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