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I’m having an embarrassment of riches right now, I have three things on various burners, all of which I am very happy with, I just need to finish them all and it’s hard to put one aside to work on the other because I am so loving each story. I’m poly apparently, LOL.

I’ve been thinking of ways to promote myself and my writing and I’ve come up with a few good ones. I met this amazing artist at a party on Friday and I’m considering asking him to design a logo for me for my website and bookmarks, etc. I also need to schedule some chats at the various sites and do some interviews.

It’s odd to me how much extra stuff you need to do above the writing itself but it’s the reality of the market, good writing won’t do it all in itself and I’ve seen crappy writing do it because of great promotion. I’ve got to think of this as a business and be smart that way.

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