The Cascadia/de La Vega/Bound By Magick shared world book order

Now that all the Cascadia books will be available again, I figured I’d touch on the answer to an oft asked question:

How are the Cascadia Wolves/de La Vega Cats/Bound By Magick books connected? What is the Reading Order?

The world in the Bound By Magick books is the same with Cascadia Wolves and de La Vega Cats. You do NOT have to read the Bound By Magick series to read the others or understand them (or the others to understand BBM). Each series focuses on the group and their individual problems but there’s a common timeline with the other series and a chain of events that happens in Heart of Darkness (that begins in Trinity actually) that echoes across the later books in all three series. Again, each series is standalone and it is not necessary to read the others – however each series does have a meta story arc that carries over multiple books with individual HEA in each story. Hope that makes sense!

The overall timelines goes like this:

  • Reluctant Mate(Cascadia prequel)
  • Pack Enforcer (CW)
  • Wolves’ Triad (CW)
  • Wolf Unbound (CW)
  • Alpha’s Challenge (CW)
  • Bonded Pair (CW)
  • Trinity (a crossover that has some Cascadia but starts the de La Vega series)
  • Revelation (dLV)
  • Heart of Darkness (Bound By Magick – again, this is just a timeline, you don’t have to read the cats to understand the witches, etc)
  • Chaos Burning (BBM)
  • Beneath the Skin (dLV)
  • Unconditional (CW)
  • Going Under (BBM)
  • Wild Darkness (BBM)

Within each series:


  • Reluctant Mate
  • Pack Enforcer
  • Wolves’ Triad
  • Wolf Unbound
  • Alpha’s Challenge
  • Bonded Pair
  • Unconditional


De LA VEGA CATS (Re-issued summer 2017)

  • Trinity
  • Revelation
  • Beneath the Skin


Bound By Magick

  • Heart of Darkness
  • Chaos Burning
  • Going Under
  • Wild Darkness
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