What I’m Loving – November 18 Edition

I drink tea all day long while I’m working. I try to go decaf or herbal after eleven or noon. The process is a ritual for me and I love rituals! I love to get up from my desk, wander into my kitchen, turn on the kettle and then I go stare at all my tea (my dude is also a huge tea drinker so about a third of my pantry is all tea). Last week on a whim, I picked up a tin of Harney and Sons “Paris” tea and it’s quickly become my mid morning tea break. It’s black tea with some vanilla and fruity notes and it’s fantastic with a bit of sugar and some milk.

A long time (like 15 years) favorite is TAZO’s decaf chai. I buy a ridiculous number of boxes in bulk because it has very little licorice/anise in it and most other brands have a lot more which to my taste, makes it more sweet than spicy and I like the spicy best. And because it’s decaf, I can drink it in the afternoon (with milk).

Sometimes tea can be like that lipstick you love that gets discontinued (WOE!). Such is the case with one of my all time favorites from Trader Joe’s, Berries and Cherries – a nice fruity tea that doesn’t need anything more than hot water and time to be extra yummy. I have two bags left in the tin in my pantry because I want to keep them for a special occasion.

Do you all like tea? What are some of your favorites?


2 comments to “What I’m Loving – November 18 Edition”

  1. Collette
    November 18th, 2019 at 3:11 pm · Link

    Me and the 12-year-old boy are all about the iced tea. Our favorite (Rishi summer lemon) got discontinued for home use (I could buy a case wholesale but man, it seems like a lot!), so now we use Tazo Awake English breakfast. We’ll drink it all day. But my nighttime favorites are Tazo turmeric bliss and Trader Joe’s turmeric ginger. (Sensing a theme?) I don’t ever put sugar in my tea (or milk) and they’re both sweet enough by themselves to satisfy that late night sugar craving. As long as the craving is not too strong!

    Oh, and I bought some of your favorite colored pens. The colors!!!! So vibrant. Love them. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Ruth Sexton
    November 18th, 2019 at 9:11 pm · Link

    I am a tea drinker! Unfortunately I had to switch to decaf because of my heart. So my daily cuppa is PG Tips decaf for morning and afternoon tea. Twinings Camomille for an afternoon nap and CS Candy Cane tea for a night cap. Cheers, Ruth