Something Totally Cool!


Do you like second chance romances? Do you like fun interactive games? Well, this Friday, April 17, the first Petal, GA book, ONCE AND AGAIN will be released as an interactive, chapter based video game! I am so excited about this and can’t wait to try the game out myself to see what they’ve done with Lily and Nathan and how they get to their happily ever after!  This is the new cover and it’s very pretty.


There’ll be some more fun stuff as we get closer to the release date.


Here’s a little about Crazy Maple: Crazy Maple Studio is a group of writers, artists, and engineers whose mission is to share compelling stories with readers, gamers, and story enthusiasts all over the world. We are best known for our interactive storytelling game, Chapters— but our desire to help readers consume fresh and innovative content extends beyond mobile entertainment. Come join us on our new adventures!

If you want to check out their online presence (if you’re not already a fan)






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