A sneak peek at BLOOD AND BLADE (Goddess With a Blade 6)

BLOOD AND BLADE by Lauren Dane
Releasing 12/30/19


“Your husband knows what he needs to know,” Carl said with laughter in his tone.

“Well. I mean if there’s a security issue. We’ve had problems with stuff exploding.”

“If someone with my power level wants you blown up, Maggie, you’d be blown up. I just saw the car and took an opportunity. Fate blesses those who keep their eyes open. Are you going to get in or are we going to attract attention and your husband will come down here and stern frown us to death?” Carl asked.

“Goddess.” Rowan got in because there was no arguing with a sage and because she had to admit he amused her and she wanted to know what he had to say.

“The Scion has the cleanest vehicle I’ve ever been in,” Carl said as they pulled away from the valet stand and she wove her way around the knots of people in the drive without indulging her fantasy of simply plowing through everyone dumb enough to just loiter in the middle of a roadway like they were the only people on the planet.

“If I ever tell him about this, I’ll be sure to lead with that. But let’s be honest, I’m not going to tell him unless I have no choice. He’s going to get a permanent line between his eyebrows from all that frowning. He’s got a pretty face. Don’t mess with him, that’s my job.”

Carl wheezed out a laugh that had her smiling. “What do you want, Carl?” Rowan asked. She liked him, despite his weirdness. Maybe even a little bit because of it. For sure she respected him and appreciated whatever he had to tell her though it was often in the form of some long weird story usually featuring wildlife or nature and she had to figure out whatever he was trying to say.

He set his hat, which had gone crooked, back to rights. The mere sight of the soup of neon oranges, yellows and green swimming all around his head in Clive’s car made her snort laugh.

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