Some Questions Answered!

Frequently asked questions with some answers!!


When will the next Goddess With A Blade book be out?  I’m turning it in to my editor later this week so I’ll have more detailed information after that. And then I’ll be writing the next one, book 6 to tie up this particular story arc.

The universe is big enough for me to come and go with different story ideas and characters so I don’t think I’ll be done with Rowan and friends any time soon.


When will the next Diablo Lake book be out?  After I finish GWAB #6 I’ll be writing the last Diablo Lake book to tie up the story arc.  Much like the GWAB world, Diablo Lake is a big world and I will visit from time to time with new stories as they come to me.


When will you write:


Anne Murphy’s story– whenever it comes to me. I have a general idea but until I get more specific, it’s on the back burner. The Petal books are being re-released from Carina Press and will be available in spring 2019


Any more of Levi and Jonah’s brothers– like Anne Murphy’s story, I do want to write more of the Warner brothers but at this time I don’t have concrete ideas.


More Chase brothers– I’m done with the Chases. You’ll see glimpses in any future Petal books I write, but there are four brothers and each one got a book.


More Federation books– I love writing futuristics so very much. But the market is just not a very large one. To spend the time I’d need to write a 90 – 100K book (like the others in the series) on something I’m not entirely sure I can sell just isn’t in the works for me at this time. I’ve got kid #2 in braces, an elderly mom with Alzheimer’s and college tuition for multiple kids coming up so I need the steady income. It’s not off the table because like I said, I love writing futuristics, but it’s not on my schedule for the next year to 18 months.


More Brown family books– after I’m done with the next few PNR books, I’ll be working on the next generation of Brown/Keenan/Copeland! I haven’t quite decided on who it’ll be, but a return to erotic romance is in my future.

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