Whiskey Sharp: JAGGED is now available!

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Vicktor Orlov took one look at one look at the wary gaze and slow to trust personality of the deliciously sexy and fascinating Rachel Dolan and knew he wanted more than just a casual friendship. But as a natural protector, he also knew bossiness and overprotective maneuvering would push her away rather than draw her close. He’ll use every tool in his easygoing, laidback arsenal to convince her to take a chance on them.

Rachel’s flourishing new career as a tattoo artist has brought color back into a life previously damaged by a series of bad choices and violence. She knows she can trust Vic, it’s herself she’s not sure of. She doesn’t want to be caged or controlled. Doesn’t want to be protected so much she had no ability to make her own choices.

And damn if the man doesn’t know it.

When Vic finally drops all pretenses of “just friends” and focuses all his careful affection and irresistible seduction on her, Rachel knows she’s falling hard for the laid back pretty boy Russian she’d discovered had a relentlessly steel spine when it came to her.

And she can’t resist.

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One comment to “Whiskey Sharp: JAGGED is now available!”

  1. Laurie
    March 29th, 2018 at 4:35 am · Link

    What about the sister? You’re not really stopping at 3 books with this family are you?