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My trip to Boston for the NECRWA conference was a success. The folks at the chapter were so lovely and welcoming to me and all the people I met were fantastic. I’m so pleased to have been invited and I think my class went swimmingly!

Next up, it’s the RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas May 13-17!  I’ll be there with my fingers crossed that my health will sustain me this time. If I’m moving slow or seem preoccupied, it’s likely just me trying to get through a bad patch so please don’t take it personally.  If you’re going, you can see what workshops and panels I’ll be doing via this link right here!

Which leads to the first contest!

Megan Hart and I are doing a Dane/Hart Discuss Live session at RT this year. If you’ve ever seen our video blogs, you get the basic idea of what we do. If you haven’t – essentially Megan and I talk about all manner of things – porn, body hair, television, movies and other media, etc. In the live format we seek out topics or questions from the audience, which makes it more fun, IMO.  But since not everyone can go to RT, Megan and I thought we’d do a fun contest for the folks who won’t be there.

The Details!  If you’d like to send in a topic or question for our Discuss panel (we’ll be taking in several to get things started) please submit it here in these comments!  If we choose one of your topics or questions you’ll win a prize upon our return after May 18!  


May and June promise to be insanely busy months as I’ve got THREE books out between now and June 16.  First up is a re-issue of SWAY on its own in digital formats. SWAY is the first in the DELICIOUS series and it’s Daisy and Levi’s story. Up until now, the only way to get it was in the Cherished duology so this is a huge price reduction!  It’ll still be available in print in the duology if you like to do your reading that way.



Then on May 26, the final Hurley Boys book, BACK TO YOU releases in mass market paperback and digital formats!  Vaughan and Kelly’s book was NOT fun to write, but I’m so very proud of it and I think I did them justice and a real story of second chances!


Back to You

Back to You


RT gave BACK TO YOU 4 1/2 stars and a TOP PICK!  Each tale in the Hurley Boys series has been memorable, but this third installment is something special indeed. Keeping her plotline free of outside complications or distractions, Dane tells a story about what true love and forgiveness really mean — and about finding the person you were always meant to be, and to be with. There are few easy answers for these troubled protagonists, but the result is a romance that is utterly captivating, seductive and full of the kind of raw emotion and sensuality that has made this series such a winner from the very start.





And June 16 is the first in my Ink and Chrome series (and my return to erotic romance!) OPENING UP!  RT gave this one a TOP PICK as well saying:  For erotica fans who flock to books featuring cars, motorcycles, tattoos and piercings: Welcome to Nirvana! Asa has it all: a tortured past, piercings that raise eyebrows and a sweet side. Add in that he finds über-independent PJ both the sexiest and most inspiring woman he’s ever met and he’ll have you from that first cocked eyebrow — and that’s before the dirty talk. Grab a fan and a tall, cold drink. You’re going to need both to make it through this scorching-hot read! 



Which leads me to contest #2 and #3!  Would you like to win paper ARCs of OPENING UP and a paper or digital ARC of BACK TO YOU?  I’m going to give away three copies of each book so if you’d like to win one (and yes, the contest is open internationally), reply to this post (and make sure you mark which contests you’re entering so I know!  I’ll announce the winners here at the blog on Wednesday May 6!  Good luck.


I need to get back to work! Good luck with the contests and I’ll be seeing you all soon 🙂

53 comments to “Update! Contests! Stuff and Nonsense!”

  1. bn100
    May 6th, 2015 at 12:29 pm · Link

    Question: what tv show would you like to guest star on?

  2. Carlise
    May 6th, 2015 at 6:54 pm · Link


    A topic I’d like to see you discuss is triads. You speak of them in your books, but I’ve always wondered if these types of relationships are possible. Can they be healthy for all parties? I’m curious about your opinions.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Ruth Lee
    May 10th, 2015 at 7:39 am · Link

    Sorry to have almost missed all of this! (Note comment on winners blog)

    However, I do have a question to submit for contest 1.

    How do you know you have completed a series? For example: Brown lead to Delicious, which moved to Hurleys. You have three more Warner brothers “out there”, write or not to write.

    Thank you. Cheers, Ruth