This year I’m aiming at a 5 positive to one negative balance in my life – there are lots of things to be angry and outraged over, but also it never hurts to put out more positive than negative –


SO – just a little writerly tip – I keep one phone book in my office when I need to look for names for characters, etc. I can always look up baby names, etc, online, but it helps me to flip through the pages. ┬áThe others (and I swear we get like 4 a year) go straight into recycling.

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  1. Susan Benson
    January 14th, 2015 at 6:53 pm · Link

    Good luck with that 5 to 1 ratio. lol I made a similar resolution. Stay centered. Have patience. Dont lose my temper, don’t dwell on the news. Think white light, puppies, kittens, unicorns with leis around their necks….anything nice.
    But I watched the news and wanted to shine a light on a unicorn and smack it with said lei so I decided. Just be the best me I can even if it includes sign language. lol My other hope was that maybe we would get a novella of Jonah and Raven…..A girl can hope. I also would like to order a side of Adrian and family with that, I don’t ask for much huh?. Here’s to a great year
    of love and peace everywhere and happiness for all the little children in the world-Until May and I have my new book Heres looking atcha :>