Of course, Caroline and Royal aren’t the only characters in Count on Me…

In Count on Me, you all get to meet Spike, Royal’s awesome cat.


He parked and helped her down, liking the excuse to touch her. “Come on in. I’ll give you the tour. Watch out for Spike, he likes to get under your feet.”


“Spike is my cat. He’ll be at the door. He knows when the truck pulls up, and he’ll be annoyed I locked him out of the back of the house where the kitchen is.”

When he unlocked the front door, there was indeed a pretty, fat tortoiseshell cat waiting there.

The cat chattered at Royal, who bent to scoop it up and scritch under the chin. “I know. But you’re a stone-cold chicken thief and you can’t be trusted with my dinner.”

This was given a snort and a purry sort of last chiding sound before two different colored eyes shifted to Caroline.

“Caro, this is Spike.”

Caroline moved slowly, giving the cat enough time to register his displeasure, before she stroked her fingertips over the cat’s head and then scratched him behind the ears.

“Hey, Spike, what’s up?”

There was something very charming and utterly disarming about the way Royal reacted to his cat. It was sweet and funny, and that he was good with animals wasn’t that much of a surprise to her. But it was sexy anyway.

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