Figured I’d Take

The sum of the Ask Lauren questions and answers and post them here in case you’re curious! This is the meat of it though there was also stuff in the comments. And remember, most questions can be answered by a look around the website here at my FAQ page, the Coming Soon Page and the individual book pages as well (My FAQ:   Coming Soon: )


1.  Natacha asks: Will there ever be a novella with Jules, Cal and Gideon? I always wanted to know things turned out with her brother and mother. Whether they married or had kids…

I don’t have any plans for that right now. I’m only writing about three years out from the end of Lush at this point with my Hurley Boys series and as of that point, they’re not married.
2.  From the blog Susan asks: Could we see the next generation of browns copelands keenens ? Is so when ?

Yes I am planning on writing books for that next generation but it won’t be for a few more years due to my schedule (and I want to give them a few years to grow up too)

3. Corinne asks: Hope I am NOT late….a while ago you asked who your readers wanted to read about in the next generation of the Brown Siblings series…..I said Alexander considering the dynamics of his family and really want to read about this family!! Ohhhh yeah, Ben is my fav!! Have you decided who you are going to write about??
I talked a little about this earlier today but yes, I do plan to write a series for the next generation of Browns/Keenans/Copelands but it won’t be for a few more years to let them grow up and to write other things.

At this point I know what each of them does and who they are as adult characters but I don’t have stories developed yet.


4. Melanie asks: Out of all of the stories that you’ve written …. Who is you’re favorite Hero/Man ?

This one is so hard! I think it’s a three way tie between Roman Lyons, Jonah Warner and Lex Warden


5. Denise asks: Will you be at RT or RWA this year? And what advice would you give to an aspiring romance writer who just got THE CALL?

Yes I will be at RT and RWA National both this year!

As for advice, do you mean about conferences or in general? In general I’d say, keep focused and go through each step of the process and turn in a book that is your absolute best. Remember that a good editor is a prize worth a thousand treasures. You don’t have to take every suggestion, but I suggest you think over those changes carefully before rejecting. Promo takes a lot more time than you think but be smart and keep it on the non spam side!

If you mean for conferences – I think RT is a great con for meeting readers and getting yourself out there. Just go and be friendly. Chat with people, be yourself and have a great time. Go to workshops if you like, all that.

RWA National is a different sort of conference – it’s a professional conference with lots of workshops and panels to go to. There are publisher spotlights and I think these are very useful to see what editors are looking for what types of books and what that line is like. You’ll go to lots of dinners and panels and meet a lot of people. It’s a wonderful networking conference!


6. Kelli asks: If you don’t like one of your covers can you ask for it to be changed? BTW, you have fabulous covers.

Thank you! Sometimes yes, I can. Sometimes nope. It depends. I do have covers I am not a big fan of, but for the most part I’m very fortunate in the cover department


7. Chris asks: Will there be any more Federation/Phantom Corps novels? 

The Federation Universes are huge and limitless. At some point, yes, I will return to the series to write a book for Wil and Deimos. Not until at least 2015-16 though as my schedule is pretty tight until then.


8.  Helen asks: if we are going to have some more de la vega cats please and Cascadia wolves. I really love those guys as well as the witches knot and the owens witches.

YES! The next book sill be Akio’s and it’ll pick up after Unconditional and during the events just after Chaos Burning – so there will continue to be a mixing of those major events and you’ll see the witches and shifters through the series!


9.  Liz asks: I so loved the Chase brothers stories. I particularly was moved by Matt and Tate’s story. I wondered if you might write more stories about a full figured heroine.

My heroines run the gamut between long and lean to curvy and BBW like Tate so I will definitely be writing more BBW as I go


10.  Leah asks: I absolutely love all of your books! Is it hard for you to come up with new ideas for some of your series or do they just come to you?

It depends on the story and the series/book. Sometimes it just comes – the opening of Undercover came to me before the book did. Sometimes a story changes direction and ends up totally different than I’d envisioned to start with.

For me, every book is difficult in some way for different reasons


11.  Christine asks: Have you been working on the Hurley brothers books? Do you have any more books coming out for the Brown Family or Chase Family?

I just turned in a revision of The BEST KIND OF TROUBLE to my editor and I’m writing BROKEN OPEN (Ezra’s book) now 

You’ll continue to see the Chases in my Petal books 


12. Samantha asks: When is count on me coming out please, I may have missed you putting date up previously, sorry if that’s the case

Count on Me is out June 10th in digital formats and December in trade paper


13.  Margaret asked via email if there were going to be Petal, GA books for all the Murphy siblings?

WIth the Petal books, I plan to write them as the ideas come to me. At this point I think Anne’s book will be next and Trey after that. I love the town and those characters so I want each of them to have the story that’s best for them 


14.  Rosie asks: Who is the guy on the cover of the Brown Family novel, Never Enough? He is gorgeous!

I wish I knew his name but I don’t! I totally agree with you 

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  1. Courtney
    March 18th, 2014 at 2:03 pm · Link

    Are you going to do books for the rest of the Warner brothers?

  2. Sherry
    March 19th, 2014 at 5:35 am · Link

    I was wondering if you ever plan to write anymore on the Cherchez pack, I know its been a while, and I would love to know if Ryan, and Phillip, and the others have found or will ever find their mates, as well as if they deside to come out like the vampires in the last of Laurent’s book. Love all of your books, just was wondering. Thank You for your time. 😆 🙂