Updatety Type TGIF Post

I just turned in the biggest and most painful revision I’ve ever done. Count on Me is a big book, folks – I hope you all love Caroline and Royal as much as I did even after all the work it took to get it right. It’ll be out June 10 in digital formats!

Now I’m on to working on Broken Open, Ezra and Tuesday’s book half the day and revising The Best Kind of Trouble (Paddy and Natalie’s book) the other half.

If I owe you an email I am slowly working my way through a pretty big backlog now.  Thank you for your patience!

My February newsletter went out this week – if you’d like to be sure to get March’s don’t forget to sign up at the bottom of the page (if you’re reading this at my blog) or via this link right here

Croco Designs is working on a big website overhaul that will center on the gorgeous new logo Frauke made me. Keep an eye out for April, when I unveil it 🙂

More fun stuff:

Now, I’m back to work. Everyone enjoy their Friday (man oh man do I need it to be the weekend!!)


One comment to “Updatety Type TGIF Post”

  1. Rebecca
    February 23rd, 2014 at 11:25 pm · Link

    “Blade to the Keep” is even better than “Goddess with a Blade”! I know the newest book just came out, but with the Night Huntress series ending, I NEED a new kick ass heroine to read about. When will Rowan (and Clive, of course) be back? PLEASE don’t make me wait a year or more, I may explode! LOL!

    I know we readers are completely greedy and voracious and we all think that you have nothing to do in life but write the next installment in our favorite series. Sorry about that, but you have to take partial blame when you have hooked us on your characters and their world and we are in need of our next fix!