How about a wee snippet from COUNT ON ME?

It’s a short one because I’m still writing the book, but by request  here’s a brief glimpse of Caroline bumping into Royal the first time in the book…
Copyright 2014, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Samhain Publishing
Releasing in digital formats June ’14 and in trade paper December ’14
(unedited work in progress)
She stared up the box she needed.

On the top shelf.


Sighing, she looked through her cart to find something to use to tip it down and didn’t find anything.

Muttering a curse, she stretched and just barely missed it. She’d totally climb the shelves if she had to but the last time she’d tried it, she’d ended up knocking a bunch of jars down and they broke and it was pretty embarrassing. Heaven knew she had enough to work against as it was without an incident on aisle ten with cereal.

“Lemme get that for you.”

She looked to the side at the very tall cowboy who’d sidled up to use all his height to retrieve her box of cereal.

“This here?” He pointed at the natural cereal she liked.

“Yes, thanks.”

He grabbed it.

“Can you please grab two? I figure I may as well just have a back up now, you know in case you aren’t around the next time I’m here.”

He grabbed another and turned to drop them in her cart and that’s when she realized it was Royal Watson. All grown up.

“Hey, it’s Caroline Mendoza.”

“Hey, it’s Royal Watson. Thanks again for the assist.”

His grin made her want to moan. He was all Southern charm. His accent was nice and sexy. Slow as if he tasted each word before he said them.

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