Sneak Peek at LAND’S END



Land’s End by Lauren Dane … The Land’s End highway is one of the most dangerous places in the universe. The constant peril of brigands keeps Verity Coleman stuck in Silver Cliffs, dreaming of the open road—and of Loyal Alsbaugh, the tall and silent highway patrolman. When her town is attacked, Verity has a chance to win over Loyal’s muted heart. But will his wounded past make him leave her along the road, or can she convince him to take her along?



There All Along: LAND’S END by LAUREN DANE
Copyright 2013, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group
Available in trade paper and digital formats December 3



But he stood in line to see her at the mail office anyway. He watched her, smiling here and there, scolding anyone who got impatient or rude, laughing and joking as she worked quickly and efficiently.

Nothing about her was wasted. He liked that. Though she did have an abundance of beauty, he noted she always made an effort to tame it when she was in public. Yearned, he could admit in his secret heart, to see all that flame-colored hair down, wild about her face. Desired to rest his hands at the curves hinting at the waist of her wide-legged
trousers or the long skirts she wore on days like this one.

He thought of her often when he was out on the road. Miles of emptiness only broken by the memories of her scent, or the way she sounded when she laughed. Even times when he’d had to face the violence of the brigands she came to his mind. The personification of why he did what he did. To make it possible for Verity to continue on in their world.

She looked up and caught his gaze, her smile brightening. “Lawman, well met!”

He tipped his chin. “Good day, Ms. Coleman. I came to see if you had any lodging available.”

“Aye. Your room is ready. If you see any of the others, please inform them the bed and breakfast has three rooms available and the Sorens have beds available out at their farmstead as well. You can go on up when you’re ready.”

He tipped his head again. “Thank you.” He moved out of line and headed around back to the stairs leading to her living quarters. He liked that she trusted him enough to give him free rein in her personal space. Most did, of course. Lawmen occupied a revered part of the culture. The lawmen had served on the front lines against the brigands for generations. The populace understood that, respected that. Having one stay in your home was an honor and why he, a single man, would be allowed to stay here in a widow’s home without any raised brows.

Or, if there were any rumblings, they’d be kept quiet. The garrisons needed the lawmen to get delivery of goods from all up and down the Highway. Naturally, they’d all need to be put up when they came to town.

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