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Hey all, please welcome the super fabulous HelenKay Dimon whose EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW is out today! I’ve read this one and it’s really sexy and fun and the usual HelenKay awesome so hello, go grab it!




Hi everyone!  I am thrilled to stop by. Lauren is one of my favorite people. This year we both got the chance to be a part of the new Cosmo Red-Hot Reads by Harlequin line. Have you read Lauren’s book, CAKE? It’s awesome. Mine is called EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW and while I could write a bunch of paragraphs about it and describe it to you, and potentially bore you with my book promo (it gets old, right?), I thought I’d let the characters  – heroine Jordan and hero Forest – speak by including a few snippets from the book.


Here we go…


Her first impression on seeing him:


Forest Redder, millionaire businessman and commercial real-estate powerhouse…whatever that was…and an integral part of every business and political power circle in town. Objectively good looking, all six-foot-whatever of him but—thanks to the rich-boy affect—not her thing.


His first impression of her:


He’d caught only her last name—McAdam.  Not that he cared. Sure, the long wavy brunette hair was hot. The slim skirt and pink shirt that skimmed her body all worked for him. And the face, round and pretty with big brown eyes… Okay, maybe he cared a little, but no way was he making a play for her.


The second time they meet:


Jordan guessed it was time she got some fresh air, as well. She pivoted around one of the fancy columns at one end of the room and came eye-to-mouth with a guy.


At least it was a hot mouth, and the rest of the face…well, damn.


“How do you know Bitsy?” Forest stood there, dressed like James Bond, all sleek in a tux that fit him as if some dude stripped Forest naked and measured him for it.


Jordan felt all the blood leave her head. It had to be a reaction to the impressive outfit. No way was she responding to him. “What?”




Clearly the rushing sound in her ears drowned out part of the conversation. “Is that a person or a thing?”


“She’s the bride.”


Jordan decided this would teach her not to do more investigation on the bride and groom before crashing a wedding. She’d gotten a tip about Nick being a groomsman and showed up without any planning. It was a hotel, after all. Not exactly a security-protected event.


But none of that solved the six-foot-something problem in front of her. Damn, she couldn’t see anything past Forest’s broad shoulders. That couldn’t be normal.


She waved her hand and gave a chuckle. “Oh, sure. Bitsy.”


He shifted as he folded his arms over his chest. “No one calls her that.”


Shifty bastard. “Why did you?”


“To see if you knew her or were even invited to this event.”



But, don’t worry. Forest is quick and Jordan is smart, so they figure it out:


The tug on his collar had him raising his head. Air rushed through him, pounding the walls of his lungs, as he waited for her to call an end. Instead, she grabbed the lapels of the jacket and pushed the material off his shoulders with the heels of her hands.


“I want this gone.”


Her demand sent heat roaring over his skin like a wildfire. Her hands never stopped moving as she undressed him, dropping his suit jacket to the floor. His tie came next. The silk slid and her hands followed the edge down and over his chest to the top of his pants.


It was the sexiest striptease ever.


Strike that, the one he planned to perform on her would be even better.


See?  They’ll get there…eventually.


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