Snippety Goodness from DRAWN TOGETHER

Drawn Together


Copyright 2013, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group
Now available in trade paper, digital and audio formats!


He found a pay lot and then headed across the street and down the block to her building.

Fifth floor, corner. The place wasn’t bad at all. The building was safe enough, though he’d have preferred a doorman.

He tapped on her door and moments later she opened it up with one brow hiked.

“Ready?” He breezed past her into her place and she closed the door behind him. At least she wasn’t going to push him out and slam it in his face. He knew he was being pushy. Knew it was out of her comfort range too.

“I don’t know that I would have pegged you as this tidy.”

Tidy was an understatement. The place was organized. Everything in its place. Her shelves . . . “Are these organized by color?”

“I told you I’d meet you outside.” She took a book from his hand and put it back and he grinned before hauling her close for a kiss.

“I wanted to come in to get you. I am not the man who will honk at the curb.”


“Not just color, but alphabetically and by color. I’m impressed by this level of obsessive detail.”

“I like things in order.” She grabbed her jacket and a bag. “I have snacks. Shall we go?”

“Wait. Give me a tour.”

She gave him a very fine side-eye as she sighed. “It’s a studio. This is pretty much it.”

He moved around, peering at her shelves. “What are these?”

“Sketchbooks. Books. Photo albums. The usual.”

He pulled one out and she shifted, clearly uncomfortable. “May I look?”

She licked her lips, chewing on her bottom one a moment. “Sure. They’re just sketches, nothing special.”

But they were special. Page after page of drawings. Sometimes they were of people or landscapes. Sometimes they were clearly ideas for tattoos. But they were all amazing.

“You’ve got a great deal of talent.”

“I’m okay.”

“Proli!c too.” He indicated the multiple shelves.

“This is all of them. You know, since I was twelve or so. Some of the earlier ones . . . they didn’t . . . I didn’t keep those.”

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