I’ve got three releases in September! The trade paperback of LOST IN YOU (Petal, GA book 2), GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT the second VISITS TO PETAL bonus material on September 3 and CAKE, my novella from the Cosmo Red Hot Reads by Harlequin on September 15.  Here are some basics about each one based on the questions I see most!



  • CAKE, like all the Red Hot Reads, is a novella. A novella is shorter than a novel so the pacing and story is different than in a full length book.
  • CAKE is a standalone, contemporary romance. It’s not related to any of my other stories, series or worlds.
  • CAKE is set in Seattle
  • CAKE is very hot romance but it’s not erotic romance


  • GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT is part of the VISITS TO PETAL series.
  • GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT is NOT a novel. It’s not even a novella or a short story.
  • GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT is a few chapters of bonus material that takes place AFTER LOST IN YOU has ended and before the next book starts.
  • GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT is NOT standalone.  If you have not read the Chase or Petal books you will not know what is going on.
  • I write the VISITS TO PETAL as a fun thank you to long time readers/fans of the series.
  • GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT will release in digital formats for free and will also be in the back of LOST IN YOU when it releases in trade paperback September 3.


  • LOST IN YOU is book two in the Petal, GA series and features Beth Murphy and Joe Harris
  • Yes, there will be another book, COUNT ON ME, which comes out June 2014 and Royal Watson is the hero
  • I will write the Petal books as long as story ideas come to me because it’s less about a family or group of friends but instead is centered on the town.
  • I would like to write about the other Murphy siblings, but not in any sort of order – again, I want to give the stories these characters deserve when they come to me

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