I did a FAQness about this one a while back but it can’t hurt to share again


  • UNCONDITIONAL starts an entirely new story arc that concerns issues brought to the Others by the Magister. There will be at least one more, likely two, books dealing with this particular arc and the books will have characters from the National Pack (Akio is up next after Josh in Unconditional) as well as some of the cats from de La Vega and witches from Rodas Clan in Rhode Island.


  • The Bound By Magick series has dealt with the mages and turned witches and the devastation left after the Magister nearly manifests in CHAOS BURNING. UNCONDITIONAL takes place during most of CHAOS BURNING, though from the perspective of the shifters. The next book will take place immediately after Chaos Burning ends


  • The world the Cascadia Wolves, The National Wolves, the de La Vega Cats and the witches from Owen, Gennessee and Rodas live in is a shared one and in these next books, they’ll share a timeline but the shifters will dominate.


  • It’s not necessary to have read the Bound By Magick books to understand the events in UNCONDITIONAL, but there are characters and events from that series in UNCONDITIONAL and it does help to understand what’s happening. As far as needing to read the other Cascadia books – I write series. This book is part of a series and does contain storylines and issues I dealt with with earlier books – for example the tri bond and anchors. I explain things, but not as deeply as I have in the past.


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