The Countdown Begins!!! UNCONDITIONAL is out in a week :)

How about today we meet the hero – Josh Neelan?

When I was writing him, I envisioned Chris Hemsworth


Josh didn’t start out as a wolf. He was a kid from a small town in Oregon and was bitten when he was in his first semester of college.


Josh had been a big guy in school. Broad shouldered. His honey blond hair had been very short then. But not now. It reached his shoulders and matched the neat goatee he wore. He was sun-kissed. Which only highlighted the pale green eyes. He was still big, but now he was a man.

Ha. A man. He was a freaking werewolf. God.

He smelled good. Wore some seriously well-fitting and expensive clothes. Clearly he was someone here given the size of his office and the view afforded out the windows. That and the respect she’d seen him given.

Gone was the genial, laid-back football player she’d loved so hard when she was young. He was bossy now. Way bossier than he had been then. She was around bossy men all day, most cops tended to be alpha personalities. She dealt with it, knew how to handle them, how to push back when it was necessary. She was an alpha too after all.

But Josh? He emanated that energy that only his kind of alpha male had. Charismatic. Powerful. He commanded attention simply with his presence.

Josh the man made her tingly in ways she couldn’t have even begun to dream about when she was sixteen. Still, she wasn’t going to be managed or handled, even by a man as searingly sexy as the one next to her was.

He’s very protective. It’s part of his identity within the Pacific Pack as the right hand to the Alpha Trio. He’s the Enforcer, the wolf charged with the safety of the members of the Pack. And once he sees Michelle again after many years apart, she quickly becomes a woman he considers his to protect and cherish.


Josh lifted his head, closed his eyes and breathed in. Moments later his nose wrinkled.

“How long?”

“You ran after this piece of shit, and we hung around, out of sight to be sure no one entered or left. When you brought him back and we got a little closer, the wind changed a bit and I got the first whiff.”

“Mind sharing?” Michelle gave Josh a look.

“Something smells dead.”

She glanced down at Charlie. “Really now? You make something dead, Charlie?”

He shook really hard, and she sighed. They weren’t going to get anything from him right then.

Standing straighter, she tipped her chin toward the store.

Josh tried to get ahead of her, and she grabbed the waistband of his jeans, the backs of her fingers brushing against the bare, hot skin of his lower back. It sent little shocks through her, awakening all sorts of things she had to push away.

“Me first,” she hissed.

“What? No.”

“It’s not a request. I’m the cop. You’re a civilian. Get back or I won’t let you come with me at all.”

“You can’t stop me.” The green in his eyes deepened at the challenge, the air between them nearly crackling.

“I will shoot you. Don’t think I won’t. This is my friend and my case.”

He sighed. “Fine. Not because I think you’d shoot me.”

Whatever. The hair on her arms stood up and she paused again. “Think I know where the something dead is. Stay behind me. I’m going in low.”

But she’s no pushover. And he has things he’s done in the past to make up for. Their chemistry is undeniable and neither of them tries. They have a history. Good and bad. He’s steadfast and loyal. He wants her and will absolutely put her first and foremost and that’s part of his charm (though he is an alpha wolf so it’s not always charming. Luckily Michelle can handle him)



4 comments to “The Countdown Begins!!! UNCONDITIONAL is out in a week :)”

  1. Sherry
    July 30th, 2013 at 5:24 am · Link

    I have loved all the books that you have written, and I was wondering if you plan to write anymore that concern the Witches Knot group and or the Vampire with them. I have all these books and just wanted to know. Thank you for the wonderful stories, as I have had a great time with them, and I also wanted to know when you plan to write anymore of the Dela Vega jaguar Books. thank you for your time.


  2. Susan W.
    July 30th, 2013 at 8:04 am · Link

    So looking forward to this book! Definitely going to envision Chris Hemsworth while reading about Josh.

  3. Pamk
    July 30th, 2013 at 11:10 am · Link

    book sounds great. Looking forward to it. Just have to get past the hero’s name lol. My oldest son is named Josh. hehe

  4. Florence Sterling
    July 30th, 2013 at 12:05 pm · Link

    I am waiting patiently for this book. I love your stories.