Snippet Saturday – Circle In the Sand

Since today’s theme is about warm weather, how about we head to Fiji with Erin, Todd and Ben in LAID OPEN?


laid open

Copyright 2012, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group


Todd came into the room wearing shorts and no shirt. His gaze snagged on Erin and then Ben. The heat between them was something Ben still found himself thrilled by. He’d never planned on Todd. Or Erin, for that matter.

It hadn’t been easy. Sometimes it had been lonely. But every single day Ben found a hundred reasons to love his life. And two of the biggest ones were right there at his side.

She turned, grabbing Ben’s hand and tugging. “Let’s go. I want to get my toes in the sand.”

Todd took up on her other side once they got down the stairs from their bungalow to the sand. The weather was perfect. June in Seattle was still cool and rainy, but the weather there was gloriously warm. The breeze kicked up the hem of her skirt, giving him a glimpse of her upper thighs from time to time, and he remembered back to when he’d first met her.

“You’re thinking. Should we be worried?” Todd winked at Ben.

“I was remembering one of the first times I’d met Erin. At your place. She had a little dress on, nothing tight or revealing, but when she bent I caught little flashes of the skin at the back of her thigh. She was yours. I tried to remind myself of it. But it was difficult. You made her come in the hallway right behind where I was sitting. Christ.”

Todd laughed. “I had her wear the egg and a harness on her clit. I played with her pussy all night long.”

“You got off on doing it where he could hear.” Erin sent Todd a look.

“So did you.”

She glanced up at Ben, a smile on her lips. “I did.”

“A lot has happened since then, but every time I see some secret part of you, just a little forbidden slash of skin like just now in that dress, I remember that. I remember wanting you and Todd both and thinking it would never happen.”

Erin squeezed his hand and then brought it to her mouth to kiss his knuckles. “It was meant to be. And here we all are, hand in hand in hand, walking on the beach and watching the sunset.”

“Life is damned good.” Todd breathed in deep and turned with them as they faced the majesty of the sun setting over the water, the sky a riot of purple, peach and blue.

The breeze ruffled Erin’s hair as she tipped her face up just a little. “I love it here. It’s warm and it smells good. No sound but birds and water. I feel so totally and utterly free.”

Ben squeezed her hand. “We figured Fiji would be gorgeous. But it’s even more beautiful than I could have imagined.”

The water lapped against their bare feet and then retreated. The color was a pale and yet vivid blue, and against the champagne-colored sand it was only more breathtaking.

Seduction on every level. Just standing there was foreplay.

“Makes me wish I had a private island of my own. We could put all our friends and family on it, have a school and all that stuff and just live unbothered in the middle of the ocean, far away from any annoyance.”

“Can’t say I find much to complain about with that idea.” Ben squeezed her hand.

Todd paused to pick up a shell, handing it to Erin, who took it with a smile.

She stopped to pull the dress off and tossed it to the sand behind them, placing the shell on top. “I want to go in. Do you mind?’

“Seeing you wet and frolicking in a bikini? What am I, Satan?” Todd waded in first and she followed with a laugh before getting out far enough to duck under and flip to her back, swimming lazily. Ben made his way to Todd before he jumped in and began to swim alongside her a moment, and then he pulled away, needing the exercise, needing to burn the stress of travel from his muscles.

Yes, he could totally do this.

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