Snippet Saturday – Jobs

How about a scene from LUSH when Damien is on stage?


USA Today bestselling author Lauren Dane delivers a second serving of sexy in her new Delicious novel, in which taste and temptation make up a sweet recipe…

Mary Whaley has her hands full running a successful catering company and overseeing her supper club. She has everything she ever wanted—or so she thought. When she meets ridiculously hot and very dirty rock star Damien Hurley at her friend’s engagement party, the attraction she feels is overpowering—and she isn’t about to deny herself.

Damien is used to a hard and fast life. He and two of his brothers started a band when they were fresh out of high school—then they hit the big time and stayed there. He’s also a legendary madman on the stage and in the bedroom. But when he meets Mary, something clicks, and the bad boy starts thinking he may have finally found something good.

What begins as a series of fleeting trysts soon gets much more complicated. Damien can’t figure out why Mary doesn’t want more from him. And before long, it’s Damien who wants more from Mary. But it turns out Mary is no stranger to celebrity news, and he’s got a very big job ahead of him: proving that he’s worth more than a one-night stand…

Delicious: LUSH by LAUREN DANE
Copyright 2013, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group
Releasing April 2

She had her special access badge on and stood just left of the stage, watching Damien play drums. The crowd screamed so loud she wasn’t sure how Adrian avoided losing his hearing.

Sweet Hollow Ranch was up first, opening for Adrian. They were pretty damned successful in their own right so she knew this mini tour was more because they all liked each other and had fun playing together.
And it showed.

From where she stood she could see the container of extra drumsticks affixed to the stand to Damien’s right. He wore black fingerless gloves and no shirt. Sweaty. He sang along on the chorus and occasionally took a line or two on his own. He had a good voice. Slow and a little whiskey and smoke. Like he was.

Paddy had a knockout stage presence. He was every inch the frontman. He cocked his head, letting his hair fall forward over one eye. He crooned, the gravel in his voice bringing sighs and hoots from the women in the audience.

Vaughan had his own way. No less sexy than the others, but with a sort of laid-back ease the other two didn’t. He grinned when the women threw their panties on stage.
“Who does that?” Jules’s lip curled.

Mary tended to agree that it was gross and lacking self-respect. But she was also lucky enough to have spent many hours naked and sweaty with one of the Hurley brothers. She didn’t blame other women for wanting a slice.

“Doesn’t look like they find it to be a hardship.” Cal shrugged, kissing Jules’s temple as she sniffed her annoyance.

“Is he like . . . that energetic in bed?” Daisy asked, watching Damien play the drums like a madman.

“He’s certainly that creative.” Mary knew she was grinning but she couldn’t help it. “He’s really good with his hands.”

And other parts. All his parts really.


“Yeah. Usually I’m the one that sweaty when he’s finished. If I had any muscle control left I’d totally use my lighter.”

Daisy laughed, her arm linked with Mary’s. “We need to have a long, graphic discussion when we get back home. Levi is, um, enthusiastic about hotel sex. Who knew? His house is way nicer than our hotel room, for goodness sake. But he’s keeping me nice and relaxed. I figure it’ll be a chore to get you away from sex dude over there so you can tell me when we get back. Then I want every single detail.”

“I’d say something like how it wasn’t as exciting as you made it out to be. But I’d be lying.”


She nodded at Daisy. “I am not exaggerating. Anyway.” Her gaze went back to him. He was so sexy she could barely stand it. She wondered if he’d feel odd if she wanted to lick him. He was sweaty and it should have been gross. But it so was not.

Probably not. He liked sex. He hadn’t shown anything less than total enthusiasm for it in whatever manner it came.

He was sort of feral up there. So much energy. Legs moving. Arms moving. His biceps actually rippled as he played. His tattoos glistened under the lights.

Something south of her belly button might have actually pulsed. Good gracious.

She was going to have to jump him the first opportunity she got and that was all there was to it.

And when the audience sang along with “Lay Back,” one of their biggest hits, it was different for her. After their conversation the night before she watched them from a totally new perspective.

He turned to catch her eye as she sang along too. He grinned and she grinned back. Their connection surprised her because it was so unexpected. He got to her without even trying.

They finished their set and exited on the side she waited. He tossed his sticks out into the audience and then headed right to her, kissing her hard and fast, leaving her even more breathless.

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  1. Pam W
    March 23rd, 2013 at 6:40 am · Link

    I love Snippet Saturday, and today’s just makes me all anxious for Lush. Can’t wait.

  2. Robbye
    March 23rd, 2013 at 12:34 pm · Link

    Ten days, just ten more days. I’m going to go back and read everything connected to Gillian and her friends. If I skip days in between and read slowly maybe that will hold me until Lush comes out. Think I’ll throw in a few trips to Petal, GA too. Yep, that should do it.

  3. Christine
    March 23rd, 2013 at 3:28 pm · Link

    Wow. so can’t wait for this book