I’m going to start work on UNCONDITIONAL today. UNCONDITIONAL is the next Cascadia Wolves book and it happens during events in CHAOS BURNING so there’ll be some crossover of the wolves, de La Vega cats, Owen witches, etc. This one is out in digital in August from Samhain and then in trade paper in February of next year.

I also heard back from my editor, she loved DRAWN TOGETHER (Raven’s book), which is a relief. Again, as soon as I get the final cover, I’ll post it and the back cover copy to reveal who her hero is!

My next Visit to Petal: GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT is up for pre-order at Amazon for the kindle. THe Nook pre orders usually follow by a week or two. It’ll release in September in digital formats and as bonus material in the back of the trade release of LOST IN YOU. My Visits To Petal are free bonus chapters I write as a fun thank you to the readers of the Chase and Petal books. They are NOT standalone! So if you don’t read the books you won’t know what is going on. They’re just fun, free and short glimpses of that world and those characters.

LAID BARE is out today in audio formats from the super fabulous Tantor Audio! You can grab it from their website or at Amazon

And I was mentioned (along with several other super wonderful authors) in this amazing essay about feminism in romance novels in The Atlantic 🙂

2 comments to “Monday!”

  1. april s
    March 18th, 2013 at 5:02 pm · Link

    Aww Lauren, I love the fact “Girls Night Out” will be released on my birthday 🙂 What a great epresent to get myself. I look forward to reading your books all the time. In fact, I spent the weekend reading Tart and Lost in You again :mrgreen:

  2. Vic
    March 18th, 2013 at 8:23 pm · Link

    I am so so so sorry to say that I was very unimpressed with the narrator that Tantor chose for Laid Bare and the other books from the series. I have been clamoring to get ALL your books on audio and it breaks my heart that I feel you’ve been dissed by a new audiobook narrator that doesn’t do your work the justice to show the depth of emotion, feeling, connection in your stories but instead seems to emphasize the erotic portion (which don’t get me wrong – is AWESOME and I re-read frequently) but in audio it just doesn’t come across right to me.

    There is a Tantor representative that monitors the goodReads “Romance Audiobooks” group that I’m a member of and I’ve BEGGED them to convey some of this to the narrator/producer of the audio hoping to sway this in the upcoming productions or (FINGERS CROSSED) change narrators.

    This angst is from listening to the sample provided from Tantor and someone in the goodReads group having a change to listen. I actually won 1 of the copies from the goodReads contest and I’ll give it a go myself but if the boys aren’t getting decent voices and she’s overemphasizing the sexual aspects, I’m not sure what we’re going to get.

    If Tantor or whoever buys your rights for Federation Chronicles – try to get someone like Claudia Black to read!!

    I’m still holding out hope that the audiobooks not yet released can be salvaged in terms of narration because to me, the stories are gold. I know that usually the authors have no say in the narrators for their work unless they already have a series out in audio and they think to negotiate it.

    Looking forward to the new edition that crosses over so many of your series with UNCONDITIONAL – it sounds AWESOME!