Snippet Saturday – SWEETHEARTS

How about a scene from de La Vega Cats: REVELATION?


He has the one thing she never thought she deserved. A place to belong…

At long last, Kendra Kellogg has found her sister—but she’s no closer to filling the gaps in her past. The magick that brought them together makes them targets for dark mages intent on finishing what started with their mother’s murder.

As if her life wasn’t chaotic enough, in barrels the one thing she doesn’t expect, Max de La Vega. He’s six-and-a-half-feet of cocoa-brown alpha male. He’s strong, intelligent, sexy and intense. Everything she’d wanted in a man. And he scares the hell out of her. Still healing from a disastrous past relationship, she wonders if she’ll ever have that kind of forever.

The next in line to run his jaguar jamboree, Max is unused to hearing “no”. Once he knows what he wants, he assumes he’ll get it. And he wants Kendra. She deserves happiness and it’s his mission to give it to her.

When dark mages attempt to steal her magickal energy, Max’s cat agrees with the man—Kendra is his to protect and he will stop at nothing to keep her safe. She can push him away as hard as she likes, he’s not going anywhere.

Copyright 2011, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Samhain Publishing

This is what pussy got you. Max knew trouble would come from this little slip of brunette heaven at his side.

Let me do this, Max. I need to do this, Max. Damn it all to hell. Yes, he knew, he’d known from the moment she began to talk about the danger witches faced without understanding their full potential. She’d have to do something about it. It was her way. He admired it even. But how could he sit by and watch her put herself in danger this way?

And then of course, when he’d been about to resist, she’d brought up all that stuff about honor and leadership.

He was pissed off that he could do nothing but go along with this stupid plan. Because she was right and he hated that too. Fuck the rest of the world, she was his and she would be in danger even more after this. Perhaps from her own people.

So there he stood on his parents’ doorstep, utterly beguiled by a woman who was totally insane. Worse, he admired her strength, her fire and independence. She wasn’t going to just turn tail and run, she wanted to fight.

She noted his annoyance. Most likely feeling it via the link and gave him the side eye. Stupidly, his cock thought she was even sexier when she was annoyed right back.

“Stop it. Your parents are going to see how pissy you’re being. Geez, we had sex twenty minutes ago, you promised it would cheer you up. Now I’m going to figure out it was just a diversionary tactic and a way to have sex all rolled into one. You’re destroying my fantasies about you.”

He would not let her make him smile, damn it. “Don’t think you can get out of this by referencing the sex, which you clearly remember exactly how much I enjoyed.”

She turned, her body brushing against his, those big, green eyes wide and sexy. “Do you think I’d do that, Max? A man like you could never be distracted by sex.” Of course she used her sexy voice and rocked her hips forward, grinding herself against his cock.

“Witch. Be careful what you go stirring up there.” He tried to sound gruff, but she knew as well as he did that she got to him.

“Or what?”

“Oh for God’s sake. When will one of you start thinking with the right head?”

“Hi, Beth. Lovely to see you. I only have one, so I’ll volunteer.” Kendra poked her head around Max’s body so he turned to keep himself between them. “Thanks so much for coming tonight to celebrate me and Max. I feel very welcomed to the family. But you’re early. Is that to celebrate me even more?”

Max wanted to smile, but he didn’t. Beth’s sneer was a mar on her otherwise lovely face. Her issues with humans had simply become part of her, like a sickness. They’d all tried over the years to help her, and by that point, Max was done. He’d let Kendra deal with most of it, but if Beth got out of line, he’d handle it. He and Galen were united on that point now that the full extent of what she’d done to Renee had come to light.

“We’ll see you inside.” Kendra waved before turning back into his arm so they could go inside. Immediately the sound of family surrounded him, righted his sense of being off balance after his disagreement with Kendra. Helped him find his center and there she was, had been all along.

“You’re the center of everything for me.” He kissed her temple.

She smiled, bright and full of pleased surprise. “What a lovely thing to hear. Thank you, Max. I love you.”

She tiptoed up, her hand on his chest, her lips brushing against the side of his neck as she pressed herself to him, hugging him tight.

She hadn’t come out and said it yet. But it sounded natural from her lips and he knew it lived there, even before she’d said it. Still, he needed it.

“I love you too.”

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