Snippet Saturday – Emotion

Copyright 2013, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group
Releasing in mass market paperback and digital formats February 5

HE flustered her in ways nothing and no one else ever could.

Molly really liked Gage. He made her laugh and he was really good in bed. On the couch. Standing up— and that had been a very pleasant feat of strength on his part. Sitting down. Even on the kitchen table.

She liked the way he made her feel. But he was busy and filled with a lot of stuff she didn’t know if she had the ability to help him through. Or even if he’d want help. A lot of anger.

Which made him very good at his job, she realized.

Truth was, she had a lot of stuff too— stuff she wasn’t ready to unpack just yet. Or ever. So sexy fun was good. It wasn’t serious, but it was enjoyable and that was exactly what she needed right then.

She checked in with Rita about trips and scheduling before she changed into her sneakers and headed up to the amazing gardens on the roof where Gage would be waiting.

When she arrived she paused to take him in. He sat on one of the steps leading down to the garden, his face tipped up to the pale sunshine filtered through a brief break in the clouds. The muscles in his biceps bunched as he leaned back on his arms. A golden god.

She had sex with that man. Holy cow. All badass and tattooed, he was delicious and she wanted to take a bite.

He opened his eyes and looked her way. “Hey you.”

“Hey yourself. Sorry to disturb you.”

He stood, brushing that stellar butt off as he did. “Nothing to disturb. Just having a quiet moment before you arrived. You don’t want a heavier coat?” He cocked his head, concerned, and her belly warmed.

“I’m fine.” Really, back in Chicago it was snowing. It was forty degrees in Seattle, which was cold and wet, yes, but it wasn’t something she couldn’t bear. Plus he made her all hot and stuff so it worked out anyway.

“All right then. It’ll warm up in a moment or so as we move into the garden anyway. So you’ve done some of the defensive spells well enough that I think you’re good to go on them. But I want you to focus a little on magick in general.”

He led her down into the plants that bloomed as if it were summer. She’d only been up there at night so it was the first time she’d really gotten a good look. “This is amazing.”

“Isn’t it? Meriel’s dad is responsible. He’s got a gift with green things. The magick we give off feeds the plants up here, keeps all this flourishing. The only time I’ve ever seen it look like winter was after Edwina was killed. He shut down for a while. And there was less magick flowing into the Font too.”

“Less witches, less magick?”

“Yes. But less magick because less Others and the ones left alive were reeling. Only recently has this garden really come back to life. And the magick going into the Font has blossomed to far more than it was before.”

It was warm all the sudden and not only because he made her hot. She shrugged from her coat.

“Yes, once you leave the platform and step down here it warms up.”

She breathed deep and everything smelled so good as she drew it into her body.

“That’s magick.”

She opened her eyes and looked to him. “What is?”

“The reason you lit up when you took a deep breath and drew in a big old hit of Owen magick. It smells really good right? Even maybe tastes good?”

She thought for long moments. “Yes, it does have a taste. I never noticed that.”

He stepped to her, putting his hands on her hips. “You haven’t? When I lick your skin I can taste you. Your magick is part of it. It rises in the air when you’re emotional, when you work, when we’re . . . together. It’s delicious.”

She probably gulped. It couldn’t be helped.

“You taste good. I just figured it was, well, the way you tasted. I mean, you look good so why wouldn’t you taste good too?”

He smiled and all sorts of stuff zinged around her belly.

He took her hand and kissed her upturned palm.

Molly took a shuddering breath. “You’re a menace.”

He licked then, against the sensitive skin at her wrist. “Am I?”

She nodded. “The good kind.”

“Your magick changes when you get turned on. You’re sweet and sort of lavender and roses and then when you get hot, there’s pepper and spice there. Drives me nuts.”

She knew she blushed but it couldn’t be helped either. He simply made her feel stuff she couldn’t get around. Her entire life was off balance. In unmapped territory and she was so off balance the confusion and fear she’d mess up were like constant white noise.

But this, this thing with her and Gage was unfamiliar in the best sort of way. It was new and thrilling and she wasn’t afraid of it, just excited.

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  1. Christine
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    Great scene. Just ordered my book the other day.

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    Loved it. I know I will enjoy the book.

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    I want to keep reading, can’t wait for this to hit my kindle.

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    aahhhahahahah i have to wait till friday to get it i cant wait!!!!!!