Awesome Kirkus Review of GOING UNDER

My fabulous editor forwarded me this fantastic review Kirkus did for GOING UNDER (goes live on their site Jan 17):

When Molly Ryan is “outed” as a witch and ousted from the PR firm she built from the ground up, she takes her skills to the powerful Clan Owen, where it’s Gage Garrity’s job to keep her safe; but as anti-Other sentiment rises and violence escalates, Molly and Gage realize the stakes are getting higher—and passion is growing.

The Others—paranormal beings who live on Earth—have survived the onslaught of the Magister, a murderous, shadowy creature who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Others practically overnight. Still reeling from the battle, Others are now under attack from a rising tide of violence from human anti-Other hate groups. When Molly Ryan, a genetic witch and a brilliant public relations tactician, is forced by her partners to leave the firm she created, she offers her talents to Clan Owen, a formidable entity on the West Coast. Reaching out to Others across the country, Molly forms an alliance among paranormals, but as she increasingly becomes the face of this united front, her safety is severely threatened. Gage Garrity, a Hunter in charge of security, is tasked with keeping Molly safe, escorting her across the country as she speaks on behalf of the Others whose safety and rights are being compromised. As death threats flood in, and more than one attempt is made on her life, Gage realizes that keeping Molly alive is no longer a professional responsibility, but a personal necessity—he can’t imagine life without her, but he’s not sure he can risk loving her either. In her third Bound by Magick novel, Dane creates a fascinating character in Molly, who takes the weight of her world on her shoulders as she watches, frustrated, while a mean-spirited, close-minded small percentage of the human population tries to hack away at the rights and privileges of her kind. Hers is a well-developed, textured plot that reflects a frightening yet believable scenario and creates a taut, dangerous backdrop for the rising passion between Molly and Gage.

A thought-provoking, creative paranormal scenario coupled with a sexy, intelligent love story make this book an absorbing success.

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  1. Christine
    January 14th, 2013 at 5:21 pm · Link

    Great review. can’t wait for it to come out