Some Snippets…



“Ha? Is that the best you’ve got? Ha?”

“You’re stubborn. And temperamental.”

“I’m resolute and in touch with my emotions.” She tried to sound haughty but in her attempt not to laugh it didn’t come off as good as she’d have liked.


and one more

She stood between his thighs as she’d been tweezing the glass out of a wound on his shoulder. He made her dizzy. Which was also part of the adrenaline, she knew. But it was him.

His pheromones changed. Surged and then sort of blanketed her in warm, sexy hotness. This was…well, she’d never had this before. Her arm throbbed, her leg throbbed and she really should sit down and rest, but she was rooted to the spot as one of his hands slid up the back of her thigh and came to rest, cupping her ass.

The heat of him blasted against her chest as his scent rose to her nose. His dreds brushed against her bare arm. His cat was just barely leashed, but he vibrated with all that self control.

He tipped his head back and her breath caught.

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