Series Questions Answered

So I get a lot of questions and I figured I’d address a few here 🙂

What are the titles, orders and dates of the books in the Delicious series is one I’ve been getting a lot lately

1. SWAY – this is Levi and Daisy’s story and it’s in the CHERISHED duology I’m in with Maya Banks that released in August ’12
2. TART – Jules, Gideon and Cal’s story, released November ’12
3. LUSH – Mary and Damien’s story, releasing April ’13

What are the titles and order of the Brown Siblings series?

1. Laid Bare – Erin, Todd and Ben’s story
2. Coming Undone – Brody and Elise’s story
3. Inside Out – Cope and Ella’s story
4. Never Enough – Adrian and Gillian’s story
5. Laid Open – a NOVELLA featuring Erin, Todd and Ben that occurs timeline wise after Sway and early in Tart
6. Drawn Together – Raven’s story, releasing October ’13

What are the titles of the Petal, Georgia series books and how many will there be?

I don’t know how many there’ll be at this point. I usually cap series at 4 or so but this is about a town rather than a family so there are lots of possibilities. However, I’m writing the stories as they come to me on this one so I just don’t know.

1. Once and Again
2. Lost in You (releasing in digital March 12, 2013 and trade paper September 2013)

Will there be any more:

Cherchez Pack books? Nope, I’m done with the series, but always happy people enjoyed them
Cascadia Wolves? Yes! There’ll be a new Cascadia book, UNCONDITIONAL out August ’13
de La Vega Cats? Yes. Most likely in 2014 as my book and writing schedule are all booked up through 2013 at this point
Goddess With a Blade books? Yes! A new installment will be out in December of 2013

I think I’ve addressed all the most frequently asked ones, but if you have others, just ask in the comments!

Judy – I do plan to write Wilhelm’s story! It won’t be until 2014 at the earliest as my schedule is already full, but I do plan to write his HEA

Heather asks why Raven’s book is in the Brown Siblings series instead of Delicious – Raven is Erin’s best friend, she works in Brody’s tattoo shop and is close with him and his family and with Gillian as well – she’s always been part of that world rather than Delicious 🙂

5 comments to “Series Questions Answered”

  1. Judy
    November 8th, 2012 at 12:22 pm · Link

    YES!!!! I’m glad to see that Cascadia, de la Vegas, and Goddess all have additional stories. I have read each of these books probably about 3 – 4 times each because I just can’t bare for them to end. The Federation Series is another one that I just can’t stop rereading. I’ve bought everyone in ereader and they go everywhere with me. Never know when I’m going to have to wait somewhere and need a friend to keep me company.

    Thank you for sharing your stories with me!

  2. HeatherU
    November 8th, 2012 at 12:49 pm · Link

    Is there any particular reason that Raven is getting paired with the Brown Siblings series, and not the Delicious series? Or is that just a publisher choice?

  3. Jeannie
    November 8th, 2012 at 9:10 pm · Link

    How many more Brown and Delicious books are there?

  4. Aleiona
    November 9th, 2012 at 2:38 am · Link

    Thank you very much for this interesting info!! ^_^ I love keeping updated with my favorite series, and Delicious and Petals are two of them.

  5. kame
    November 9th, 2012 at 4:25 pm · Link

    Thank you so much for the Petals series – I loved the Chase brothers and love that we can peek in on them….just read your short Alone Time – I LOVE Matt!
    Thank you!