Snippet Saturday – Life is Beautiful

Just a few weeks now until ONCE AND AGAIN releases in trade paper including ALONE TIME, my first installment in the Visits to Petal serial…

Copyright 2011, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Samhain Publishing

Which is how he managed to finally get her alone just a few evenings later when he crashed dinner at Beth’s house. Crazy loud with Murphy and Chase women, he brought over a box of stuff Beth had been bugging him about.

“Put it in my closet please.”

He started to get annoyed when he noticed Lily wasn’t in the room and realized most likely his quarry was also in Beth’s closet doing something or other. His sister had totally helped him corner his lovely Lily.

“I have a pretty awesome sister. Thanks.”

“Don’t get anything gross on my clothes or I’ll hunt you down.” She said it quietly and then turned around and headed back toward the kitchen.
Ah and there she was. He put the box down and moved to where she’d been hanging her coat up.

“Good, you’re wearing a skirt.” He closed the door behind himself and looked to the one window at the far side of the closet. Closed. Good.

Startled she turned to him and he caught the blush. “Wh-what?” She backed up.

“I’ve missed you.” One handed, he loosened his belt and unzipped his jeans. “And now I aim to remedy it. In part. You wearing panties under that pretty skirt?”


He grinned and he knew it affected her by the way she widened her eyes. “You got anything else to say but what?”

She swallowed hard and then again when he pulled his cock free. “I want you. Right now. No one is going to notice we’re gone, not with all the hubbub out there. And even if they did, each and every person here would go out of their way to protect what you and I have.”

She bent and produced a bright red pair of panties that she stepped out of. He took them from her hand and stuffed them in a pocket. “Compliance. I like that.”

In two steps her back was against the wall, and he inched her skirt up until he exposed stockings and a garter belt. “Oh you’re so sexy I can’t stand it. I think about you. About this all the time.”

“You’re a boy, that’s what you all do.” Her voice was breathy, which only made him want her more.

He slid his hands up those pretty thighs and snapped one of the straps holding the stockings up. “I like these.” He walked his fingers up her thighs until he found the part of her he wanted most right at that moment. Hot and wet. “You’re ready for me.”

No response this time, just a nodded head. Which was fine with him. He knew what a nod meant and as long as he had the go-ahead, that was enough.
“No time to taste you. That’s a cryin’ shame.”

She stuttered a breath

She should have remembered how much it got him off when she did that. But all the more for him. He stood and pushed her back against the wall. “I want you here. And I want you now. You on board with that?”
There was no argument on her face. Not at all. She hauled him closer and her lips met his, opening to him right away.

As he kissed that sweet mouth he pulled one of her legs up, and she hooked a calf around his waist, bringing him even closer. He growled and she swallowed the sound, whimpering a little until he brushed the heart of her with the head of his cock. Then she stilled and groaned. Her fingers in his hair tightened. “In. In. In.”

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