Sway – Meet Levi

Levi Warner is an older man. He’s powerful, distinguished, intelligent and really hot. So it’s not really that surprising that the uber hot Jon Hamm was my inspiration as I wrote.

Here’s a scene to give you a sense of who he is…

Cherished featuring SWAY by LAUREN DANE
Copyright 2012, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group
Releasing August 7

“Why don’t you undress me.” Not a question. Not a request.

But it didn’t need to be. She stood on slightly shaky legs and slid her palms up the fine cotton of the shirt until she got to the collar and began to unbutton.

His chest was broad. Hairy but not in a disgusting way. Threaded with gray here and there, which only made him a million times hotter.

She dragged her nails down that gorgeous, hard chest, over his nipples and rejoiced in his snarl of pleasure when she did.

Unable to resist, she leaned forward to take a taste, spreading the shirt open wide to lick over his left nipple and then his right. Left it seemed, got more of a response so she went back to flick her tongue over it and scrape her teeth against it as she pulled back.

He watched her, his expression inscrutable. She caught her lip between her teeth and walked behind him to remove the shirt and fold it carefully before placing it on the back of a nearby chair. His back was nearly as impressive as his front and called to her hands and lips as she paused to kiss and caress, sliding her palms around to his waist where she unbuckled his belt and pants, teasing with little touches of her fingertips and nails.

He turned suddenly, hauling her close for a kiss.

With his hands on her, when he was so sure and hard and in charge, everything inside her seemed to swell up, close to exploding. It was so very much. She’d never felt this way with anyone.

The kiss tasted of her, she thought as he pulled back. His pupils seemed to swallow his eye color, his expression was intense as his gaze slid to her breasts.

“I love that you’re pierced.”

She was sure glad of it.

“Can I take your pants off?” She didn’t quite know why she asked, only that it felt like she should. So she did.

Then he slid a hand into her hair, freeing the last of it from all the pins she’d had holding it up. It fell around her shoulders and then he pulled her close again. By the hair. It sent a freight train of sensation straight to her nipples, which brushed against his chest, the slightly wiry hair abrading them just right.

“Yes. And then I want you on your knees, my cock in that hot mouth of yours.”

Why yes, thank you very much! Her body seemed to electrify at that suggestion.

She slid her hands down his forearms before he let go so she could get at his pants. Pausing, she angled his arm to see the tattoo on the inside. Something she’d missed because everything else about his body had snagged her attention.

History is written by the victors.

“I like that.”

He kissed her shoulder, tracing his fingertips down her shoulder and down her back as she got his pants unzipped and went to her knees to get them and his boxers down and off. She stood again, folding and placing them on the chair with his shirt before turning back to take him in.

“Your back is beautiful,” he murmured as she walked to him.

They could talk tattoos after.

She smiled her thanks and went to her knees but he stopped her. “Wait.”

Moments later he sat on the other chair in the room and placed a pillow on the floor in front of himself. “It won’t be as hard on your knees.”

How such a thing could disarm her, she didn’t know. But it did and she went with it, adjusting herself to tuck the pillow beneath her knees. It brought her up a little higher as well. High enough to kiss along his flat belly, down over rock hard thighs, behind first one knee and the other. She caressed every part of him she could touch as she did.

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    Everything is soooo much better with a little Jon Hamm in the mix!!!! All the excerpts are so great this is going to be an amazing beginning for this series!!!

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