Who Is Lark Jaansen?

I thought a lot of Zooey Deschanel when I first began to sketch out Lark’s character. She’s beautiful and yet not. It’s about the right lighting and expression and always about when she herself owns her beauty. I like that…

Lark is a warrior, much like Simon. She’s a powerful witch. Quirky. She’s got her own sense of style and she owns it. She’s not Simon’s type. Like at all. On the surface anyway. Inside, they’re a whole lot alike…

Here’s how Simon sees her:

“So do you need the talk or something?” Dom had the audacity to smirk and so Simon had the audacity to punch him extra hard.

“We don’t need to speak about this anymore.”

“She’s one of my people now. I know I may have come to this clan business slowly and maybe even reluctantly, but I take it seriously. You’re marking her.”

Simon sighed. “I don’t want to talk about this right now.”

“Fine, but don’t fuck her over. Meriel will get mad and she’ll blame me because I’m your friend. I don’t like it when she’s mad. She’s got enough on her plate right now.”

“I’m an idiot. See, I normally keep women, those who are mate worthy anyway, at arm’s length. I don’t have time to settle down. So here comes this funky chick. Badass witch and all. But her hair is blue. No, it’s blue and pink. For today. I’m afraid to even think about what she’ll do the next time I see her. Hell, having her at my house will at least give me the jump on any crazy shit she might try with her appearance.”

“I think it’s cute. In that way women like her have. Quirky and interesting. She makes it all work.”

“She’s beautiful in the right light. I mean, she’s pretty all the time. Even if she has odd ideas about what colors go with each other. She’s got gorgeous eyes. Her lips, have you noticed? No, don’t. Don’t notice.” He heaved a sigh. “But it’s not the looks. She’s got an awesome body so once the color explosion is gone, what you’ve got underneath the layers of clothes is impressive. Even the tattoos are gorgeous. I can get around that stuff though. Contrary to popular opinion I don’t think with my dick. But she’s a warrior. At first I was impressed with it. I’ve come to admire her strength and the way she just never quits. She’s got some serious stamina to keep up with me the way she does.” And that was hot too.

“Ahhh. That’s it then. She got all under the radar because you figured she looked like one of those art-school girls and you like the big-boobed, designer-clothes set. But you played cards and shot guns and before you knew it, it wasn’t the looks at all. That’s the rub isn’t it? All those years we sought out the ladies for how they looked but when you get right down to it, it’s who they are, the magick they throw off like pixie dust that gets to a man.”

And here’s another snippet between Lark and Simon

Simon didn’t know what he expected but he paused at the doorway to just look awhile. To look at Lark with her hair down as she put her towel on a chaise lounge.

Tiny, yes. Especially when compared to him. But she had curves she’d only hinted at in her normal daily outfits. In a bikini, this was not anything hinted at. The way the top clung to a spectacularly perfect set of tits didn’t hide a thing. Boy-short bottoms, which he approved of mightily, only accentuated her ass, which was high and tight and round. Longer legs than he’d thought.

She was in shape, which he knew of course having worked out with her a few times. Her job would demand such a thing and she took care of her body like she took care of her weapons.

Tattoos marked her back. Clan runes, he knew. Blue violets scattered from one shoulder to the opposite hip. There were others but she took that moment to turn and smile.

“Wow. Yeah, that’s what I thought.” She said this as if he knew what she meant before she dove in.

He joined her and they did laps for some time until she stopped in the shallow end. “You win. You’re a machine.” She headed to her towel and then settled herself on the chaise.

“I’m not a machine, I’m Lycian.” He grinned and joined her.

“Same thing apparently.”


She laughed then. “Totally.”

“You hate to lose don’t you, little pixie?”

“I do. You can’t imagine the sadness this used to bring my mother. She wanted us to be cooperative and nice to each other. She wanted a commune but she so didn’t get that. Instead my sister and I constantly challenged each other. Nothing is too small for us to compete over.”

“I hear that. I’ve got a great many siblings and we’re that way as well.”

“I imagine Lycian parents see this as a good thing.”

“Have to protect the pack. It’s our job. It’s what we were born to do. But they don’t want us to really hurt each other. A little blood won’t kill you though.”

“My mother would say, can’t you two just cheer each other on? Why do you have to fight?”

“Because that’s how you get hard for battle.”

She blinked up at him. “Yes, exactly. My father understands. He’s a hunter after all. But we’re his girls; he hates to see us get so cutthroat.”

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  1. Aurore
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    Wow, thank you for the two extracts! This novel seems marvelous. Lark sounds great and I love how Simon reacts to her.

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    Wow what a treat two excerpts. So much closer to the big day. can’t wait to meet Simon & Lark

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    Great reads, indeed. I look forward in reading about this couple.

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    She sounds like such an interesting character.

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    I really like Lark! Great excerpts!!

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    You always give your female leads such depth and strength! Keep up the awesome work. I am so excited for this book.

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    Love it. Now when I read the book, I will have an image of what Lark looks like.

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    I really like Zooey Deschanel and it is always intersting to see how you envision your characters. I cannot wait for the release of Chaos Burning.

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    Soo nice! I love that second photo of Zooey, really cool to be able to add it to your descriptions of Lark.

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    Great excerpts love it great chactetd

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    Wow! Her eyes are striking!

    Snippet is great as usual. 😆

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    This sounds great!!

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    Love the excerpts and it sounds like I’m going to love Lark & Simon. I’m always surprised by those moments when I can really see the resemblance between Zooey and her sister Emily.

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    I liked the excerpts and way Simon described Lark.

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    Thanks for the excerpts! I’m really looking forward to reading Simon and Lark’s story.

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    Zooey Deschanel is so cool and quirky. What a great actor to use as a muse or visual aide!

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