So the first book of 2012 is now finished and off to my wonderful editor! That’s BENEATH THE SKIN for those following along at home. Beneath the Skin is Gibson de La Vega’s book and it’s out April 3 from Samhain in all digital formats (and yes, it’ll be out in print about 10 months or so after digital release).

This week is a catch up week. I need to finish several proposals – one for the next Petal book – this one will be about Beth! And several others (including a Bound By Magick book). And also a metric ton of email to answer and deal with! Oh and cleaning my house which is a pit of deadline induced clutter.

Up next for me on my schedule after the proposals is LAID OPEN, the digital Ben, Todd and Erin novella, then Mary’s book (still have no title but that’s on my list for this week), and following that one, is Raven’s book. I’m working on my calendar this week as well so I can figure out what the rest of my year looks like. I’m a control freak, yes. I like lists and I like calendars. It’s a sickness I know.

We got snowgasm yesterday and up here in the Cascade foothills we’ve got several inches and they’re forecasting more through Thursday. Snow is lovely on weekends. But during the week, as an adult, it’s all about the dude getting to work safely and the kids school schedule (will they or won’t they be open, are they on late start, will the bus be on a special route). Still, I’m grateful for the beauty and for the fact that I have a warm house to shelter me and my spawn.

Um, that’s about it for now. Kids are home, two of them are sick and I’m off to make some hot tea because I’m losing my voice. (the dude says I lost it because I mutter to myself when I write). Stay warm!

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  1. Diane
    January 16th, 2012 at 5:41 pm · Link

    We are expecting 15-20 cm of the white stuff tomorrow and more coming Thursday; I’m already tired of the stuff, it’s everywhere and heavy to shovel.
    Congrats on getting your book to the editor.

  2. Louise
    January 16th, 2012 at 10:17 pm · Link

    Squee, so excited for Beneath the Skin!

    I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area so no snow for me but it’s supposed to be cold and rainy this week. I grew up in the south west of England and never liked having to deal with snow, other than when we couldn’t get out of the village to go to school as a kid. 😀

    I hope that you stay safe and warm while inundated with the white stuff.