Question Monday

I know…I usually do this on Sundays but it was so crazy busy at my house yesterday that I got absolutely no authorly type work done at all.

So – ask em in the comments if you’ve got em and I’ll stop over during the day to answer.

Lisa asked: Are there going to be anymore Brown series books in the future. The Brown Siblings series is done at this point. They’re all married, or will be soon, and happy. But you’ll see more of them in the upcoming DELICIOUS series, which features Gillian’s friends and is set on Bainbridge Island. SWAY is out in August in the CHERISHED duology and then TART is out in November, the last two books will be out in 2013 (Mary and Raven’s stories). The books will feature Adrian and Gillian’s wedding (Sway and Tart) and so the Browns will be part of this new series most definitely.

AH – and lastly, there’ll be an Erin, Todd and Ben digital only novella called LAID OPEN and it’ll be out in October. It’s NOT standalone so if you haven’t read Laid Bare you might be a little lost 🙂

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