Nearly Here!

One more day until HEART OF DARKNESS releases!

Romance Books Forum says: We get all that and more in Heart of Darkness, Dominic is a witch who has grown up very separate from the clans and cabals of the witch community, and has actually lived separately and never learned anything about how powerful he actually is or how powerful being part of the community could make him. Meriel had the opposite problem she grew up insulated, never having to worry about being found out, so she, especially as the heir apparent was encouraged to develop as quickly as she could. And when this dark, dangerous club owner, whose clawed and scratched his way up, and the witch princess who knows all too well how to defend herself and isn’t afraid to do exactly whats necessary to protect her own get together… Fireworks.

But perhaps the best part of Heart of Darkness was the complete honesty of their relationship. One thing I love about Ms. Dane’s work, I’ve said it and i’ll say it again is her absolute honesty and commitment to detailing even the ugly parts of relationships, the doubt, insecurity, the back and forth, the struggle. Its what makes the Happy ending sweeter, and more deserved.

Look I’ll put it this way, if you’re a fan of great writing, fantastic realistic characters, and want to read something thats not only hot but even if you took the sex away would still be mindblowing, buy this book.

Chelsea at Heroes and Heartbreakers and Vampire Book Club says: Once I started Heart of Darkness, I was addicted. It was unputdownable.

Until then – you can pre-order it at Amazon in mass market paper or for the kindle and also at Barnes and Noble in MMP and for the Nook

Oh and when I was getting the Amazon link I also noticed some of my Brown Sibs books are bargain priced – Coming Undone and Inside Out are bargain priced at six bucks for trade paper!

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OH – edited to add I’m running a contest to win a copy of HEART OF DARKNESS over at twitter! I’m @laurendane 🙂

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