Contests, Interviews, Reviews, Oh my!

So the fabulous folks at Book Monster and Literal Addiction have interviewed me and you can read it by clicking this handy dandy link!. Even better, there’s a contest to win a copy of HEART OF DARKNESS via both sites – you can get the details at the Book Monster site.

Speaking of Literal Addiction and Book Monster – don’t forget that tonight I’m live chatting from 8 – 9 pm eastern at the Literal Addiction site!

And over at Heroes and Heartbreakers, Chelsea talks HEART OF DARKNESS in this awesome review – just a little bit of what she says –

And here’s where Lauren Dane manages to shift the fated, instinctual “mine” of alphas into something else. Meriel knows the bond-mate thing is going to freak Dominic out. They’re attracted to one another and she certainly doesn’t want him to run or to always think the only reason they’re together is because of this bond. She doesn’t hide this from him, but instead unveils it and refuses to have sex with him until they get to know each other better and he’s sure he really likes her and not just the magic + pheromone high.

Dominic likes to be in control, and before Meriel, I’m sure we’d classify him as a very alpha male. He’s possessive of Meriel and very protective. But here’s the thing: She doesn’t need it. She likes it from him, but Meriel isn’t to be messed with. She’s powerful, she’s in charge and is more alpha in most ways than Dominic. And as proof, she lets him be in control. She’ll let things be his idea (all the married women reading this are familiar with this tactic) and lets him get protective and a bit demanding, as those bad alpha men often are. But when he pushes too far or infringes on her leadership of the clan, she puts him in his place.

And he knows it. There’s this beautiful give and take between these two. Strong-willed people taking turns being dominant plays out well in both the plot and the bedroom. And, let’s be honest, two alphas are made to have sex against walls and doorframes a lot—though it does help that Dominic has very strong arms.

I’ll be back later to announce yesterday’s winner!

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  1. Collette
    October 28th, 2011 at 2:15 pm · Link

    Here’s a lovely review of Laid Bare–nice thing to start the weekend!