HEART OF DARKNESS – Meet Meriel Owen

Meriel Owen is the heroine in HEART OF DARKNESS – she’s been shaped and trained from birth to run the Owen Clan of witches. She’s facing an entire new generation in a world where their chances of being exposed grow each day. SHe’s got to battle the old school witches who are afraid (rightfully so) that exposure would end up with increased danger to their people – as well as convincing them all she can lead as effectively as her mother, who currently holds the job. So into her very orderly, extremely busy life walks Dominic Bright, who, at first glance is everything she’s not. Where she believes in the power of unity of the Clan system, he was raised outside the clans, raised to distrust them and their power. But she can see his power, and she knows their connection and she pushes herself to give him the space he needs to accept what they are and waht they have. All while they’re facing the rising threat of mages out to kidnap and harm their people to steal their magick.

She’s elegant and very feminine but at the same time she doesn’t take any guff. She’s soft where she needs to be but hard when necessary as well. I hope you all enjoy meeting her when HEART OF DARKNESS comes out, November 1!!

This is who I thought of as I was writing her – the most awesomely beautiful Emma Stone

And this is always the song that seemed to come on when I wrote Meriel scenes…

PJ Harvey’s Is This Desire…

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  1. Maryam
    October 21st, 2011 at 5:27 pm · Link

    Can I tell you I look forward to your playlists just as much as I do the covers of your story. The playlists tell us so much about the characters you’ve created… then again, that’s probably just my thinking because I love music so much 🙂