Contest Day Three – Vivian Arend

Welcome Vivian Arend! Viv has an awesome new book out as of yesterday. One I’m going to give a copy of to one lucky winner. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow, August 25 – so be sure to check back to see if you’ve won! Say hello everyone! And if you haven’t read her yet, you totally need to 🙂

Shortly after I started writing, one of the goals that quickly came to mind was getting to be in an anthology with some of my author friends. Release day is so exciting; I always thought it would be even better to be able to share that excitement with friends. And now I can!


Today the first books of the Bandicoot Cove series release. This is a unique anthology world as Lexxie Couper, Jess Dee and I share the setting, the theme (ménage) and even more, share characters between stories. One of my heroes is related to the heroine of Lexxie’s story, Jess’s heroine has a cameo appearance in my book—the twists continue, and it’s been a blast to write. While each book definitely stands alone, if you like family sagas or series, you’ll love this set up. I hope you check it out—EXOTIC INDULGENCE is a short free read. PARADISE FOUND is a novella– available today at all your favourite ebook stores.


Fate is a wind that can change at the drop of a heart…


Bandicoot Cove, Book 2


Paige has enjoyed every no-strings-attached minute with her two Australian lovers, Trent and Mason. Over the past eleven months, they’ve surfed, hiked…and explored their seemingly limitless sexual chemistry.


Her lovers’ invitation to the opening of a new resort comes at the ideal time, because in a few days she’s returning to Canada. It’ll be a fitting swan song for their easygoing relationship. A chance to fulfill a few fantasies and then escape before her men realize she’s broken the rules by falling in love with them both. Better to take flight than be forced to choose.


Unaware of Paige’s self-imposed deadline, Trent and Mason scheme to get Paige on their yacht for a once-in-a-lifetime voyage with one goal in mind: break the news that they’re ready for something more than casual—and hope she doesn’t run like hell.


It’s a delicate operation that’ll require close attention to which way her emotional winds are blowing. One wrong word, and their paradise-perfect arrangement could be lost in an instant.


Warning: This book starts with the heat turned way up high. Two men entirely focused on one woman’s pleasure. One woman stepping outside the box to please her men. An exotic resort suite featuring an erotic piece of furniture that makes ménage a trois even hotter than usual. Really.


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Vivian Arend | Lexxie Couper | Jess Dee | Bandicoot Cove

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  1. lisagk
    August 28th, 2011 at 2:20 pm · Link

    I really need an endless supply of book funds and time.

  2. Kendra
    August 28th, 2011 at 2:33 pm · Link

    This book sounds great 🙂