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Mindy asked: Saw you were starting Petal, GA books and was wondering how many are planned, and are they just going to be about Murphy siblings?

I posted about this earlier in the week but as I didn’t answer it last Sunday I thought I’d re-answer it now:

Tentatively I’m thinking the series will be 4 books and the first two books are about Murphys but I don’t know just yet about the next two just yet. This is something I’ll be working out when I get the proposal for Beth’s book written.

They’ll be sensual romance like the Chase books and it’s my aim that they all be long enough to go to print as well.

Got a few email questions this week:

Will you be doing a story for Raven?

Yes. Raven’s book will be part of the new series I’m doing for Berkley Heat. Also contemporary erotic romance. Spun off from the Brown sibs books. Hers will most likely be the 3rd of 4 books.

Will you be writing a book for Edward and Polly

They have such a vivid backstory. It’s funny how real they are to me, LOL. But it’s a complicated backstory that spans three generations now. It’s more Polly’s book than a story about Edward and Polly and it’ll take some time to write. At this point I don’t have that time and I really want to do it justice. So the short answer is not any time soon. But the longer answer is I’d love to and I’m looking for the space in my schedule to finally do it.

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  1. Debbie
    July 31st, 2011 at 11:36 pm · Link

    Will you be doing book tours any time soon? …or our your publishers waiting til you become a *New York Times BestSelling Author*?…which you will definitely be soon!…just sayin’ 😀 that would be Much awesomeness and I would *love* a chance to meet & talk with you one day, Lauren 🙂