Snippets From Dirty/Bad/Wrong

As I’m working on edits for ONCE AND AGAIN I’ll pop up some snippets from it and DBW today…

This is from Dirty/Bad/Wrong

THREE TO TANGO: dirty/bad/wrong by LAUREN DANE
Copyright 2011, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group

Her body remembered those months they’d spent as lovers. Her pulse sped and her nipples, already at attention from Luca’s presence, throbbed in beat with her clit.

And then Angelo strode over, leaned down and kissed Luca, leaving her rooted to her spot. Goddamn they were so fucking beautiful there, Angelo so big and braw, Luca long and lean, mouths fused, though she got the occasional flash of tongue, bringing a gasp she hadn’t intended on making

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