Excuse the wacky caps above, but this week has felt like eleven days long and every single day I’d think was Friday and then the crashing moment when I realized it was Wednesday instead. Not even Thursday! But Wednesday. Woe. Kids had funky school schedules for change in trimester and testing and a bunch of other stuff so they’re all a little cranky (ha, I’m totally lying, they’re irritatingly snappy and attitudinal). Oh, and the time change makes mornings even harder because it’s dark again.

But! It is FRIDAY – glorious, Friday and the weekend beckons ahead. And, I turned in my copy edits for Never Enough and I still love the book. I really never know until I hit the copy edit stage because it’s been a while since i read it last and I come to it with a freshly critical eye. I love Gillian’s relationship with her son. I had such a strong sense of her character very early on. Some of the very foundational early scenes were the ones where we get to see inside this woman’s heart through the eyes of the way she cares for her family and friends. I love Adrian and to me, I’ve loved him since he was in his early twenties. But he’s so much more than that kid who urged Erin to go knock on Todd’s door in Laid Bare. These two people together with their son – so much fun to write.

So the copy edits are done and gone and I can get back to Once and Again!

I’m over at the RT Blog today talking about MESMERIZED. Giving a little bit of an extended blurby idea of what the book is about.

I’m posting little snippets of whatever I happen to be working on over at my Facebook page. This week it’s been Once and Again and Never Enough.

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