Question Sunday!

My apologies for the silence around here. I’ve been on deadline! But I turned in Heart of Darkness and got through a revision of Goddess With A Blade.

Now I’ve got copy edits on Never Enough (already, wow, this year is going by so fast!). I’m finishing my proposal for the book that’ll follow Heart of Darkness and working on Once and Again (Nathan Murphy’s book). Busy, busy but all so much fun!

So if you’ve got questions for me – lemme hear em and I’ll do my best to answer them today here in the post.

Lee asked: Why was Mrs. Copeland’s anger Erin’s fault? She says something like “I don’t like Erin very much right now

She’s human. Her son has just told her that he’s in love with best friend’s wife and his best friend too. She’s shocked and she associates what she believes to be a sudden behavioral change to the one thing that’s changed – Erin’s presence in Ben’s life. They work out it over time and become very close over the series, but at that moment Annalee isn’t being rational, she’s shocked and upset.

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  1. Lee
    March 19th, 2011 at 3:21 pm · Link

    Thanks for the answer. It’s funny her response really stuck out to me, kind of like a jagged edge in an otherwise smooth piece of glass. Guess I better get on the stick and read the rest of the series eh?

    So cool to be able to interact directly with an author.