Snippet Saturday – Winter Wonderland

How about a scene from BELIEVE? This is my holiday themed follow up to SECOND CHANCES (so if you haven’t read SC and you plan to, don’t read any further or you’ll be spoiled for the ending of Second Chances). Not so much “wonderlandy” with swirling snow and skiing or whatever, but a holiday decorated street in a resort town with two people starting their own Christmas traditions…

Copyright 2010, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Carina Press

Once that was handled, he grabbed a shower, heroically not jumping on her again, and they drove into town where the concierge had told them a bakery would have freshly baked offerings, good coffee and she’d been right.

“Despite that skanky ho-bag who would have hit me over the head with her coffee pot if you’d given her any indication you were interested, I gotta say, this is the best bearclaw I’ve ever had. Good call on skipping the restaurant at the inn to go here instead.”

She looked like a fucking angel there on the sidewalk, snow falling around her, her hair peeking from beneath the hat, eyes wide with excitement.

“I got your back, darlin’. Don’t worry, if any skanky ho-bags come at you with coffee pots I’ll trip ’em before they get close.”

“Ha. I can take out the ho-bags all on my own. I’m an Olympic gold medalist at it by now.” She muttered a little more and he kissed her temple, smiling. Truth was he rarely noticed it when women hit on him these days.

“You know I don’t give a crap about any of that, right?”

She looked up at him with a smile. “Yeah, yeah. You can still walk, can’t you? If I thought you cared, this would be a whole different conversation. It’s hard to get used to, but I think I finally am. And they’re not as bad as they used to be back home.”

Yeah, he thought it had gotten easier in town. Oh, he knew many people thought he was a rebound, or that he’d step out on her, but the longer they’d been together, the more they’d been a unit everywhere they went, the doubters had begun to realize they’d been wrong.

It stung, he admitted, that people had judged him as such a player. Mainly because he’d given them all a reason to believe he might fuck things up. She’d changed him, shaken him hard enough that losing her had taught him the best lesson he’d ever had.

Years later now, he knew without a single doubt in his mind that she was his and they had a forever type thing. The thought of it had scared him so much that it had taken losing it entirely for him to see Rori for the incredible woman she was, for understanding she was a person who made him whole.

And beyond his wildest hopes, she’d come to him again and given him a second chance. Man could live a long, happy life with that kind of luck.

“You’re up to something. I do like that about you.” She took his hand again now that she’d finished the bearclaw.

He flashed her a grin. “I’m always up to something when it comes to you. That’s how I roll.”

She laughed as they set out down the picturesque street, pausing to look in windows or to stop and look at this or that. Once she was inside a Christmas-themed shop and oohing and aaahing over stuff, he told her he’d left his gloves a few stores back and would run to get them. She asked him to grab her a hot cider on the way back, which worked out, giving him some extra time to run an errand he didn’t want her to know about.
Once she paused to watch the retreat of his denim-covered ass, she headed three doors down.

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  1. Christine
    February 5th, 2011 at 5:22 am · Link

    I love followup stories. So it was great to read about Rori & Jude.