Snippet Saturday – Dark Moment

How about a little bit from the second Chase Brothers book, TAKING CHASE?

Copyright 2007, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Samhain Publishing

The next week went by in a blur. Shane spent every moment he could with Cassie, getting to know her better, falling in love with her a bit more every day.
Holding a bag of sandwiches and cream sodas, he headed up the stairs to her apartment and froze as he saw her on the landing, hugging another man. She clung to him tightly, her face buried in his neck.

Shane saw red and then his heart broke into a million pieces. It was Sandra all over again. He’d fallen in love after so many years and it happened to him again. He wanted to fall to his knees and howl at the unfairness of losing a woman he’d thought cared about him as much as he did her.

“Fuck all if you didn’t totally fool me with your act. I’m as damned as you’re faithless apparently. If you’re going to cheat on me, Cassie, you should do it out of the public eye.”

Cassie froze and looked around the man. And when the man turned Shane saw three things. The look of horror and pain on Cassie’s face; his brother Matt standing in the doorway of her apartment behind them and that the man looked a lot like Cassie. Shit.

He moved quickly toward her but she pulled back into the apartment and shoved the man inside who looked about ready to punch Shane. Of course, judging from the look on Matt’s face, he’d have to stand in line.

“Cassie, I’m…”

“Let me guess, you’re sorry? Shane Chase, this is my brother Brian. He’s here to meet the man I fell in love with and to tell me that Terry has been sighted.” She tried to slam the door but he put a hand out.

“Cassie, I’m sorry. I thought…when I saw you with another man…it just…I’m sorry. Please. Can’t we talk about it?”

“No, I don’t think we can.” She put a hand on his chest, shoving him back and slammed the door in his face. He leaned his forehead against the frame and let out a ragged breath.

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3 comments to “Snippet Saturday – Dark Moment”

  1. Lori
    January 15th, 2011 at 9:31 am · Link

    I <3 the Chase brothers.

  2. Mary G
    January 15th, 2011 at 9:32 am · Link

    I love my Chase books. This one made me cry (but in a good way too).

  3. Diane Sadler
    January 16th, 2011 at 5:43 pm · Link

    I’m going to get this book soon.