Whew, I tell you it feels like a never ending school vacation around here. Our schedule is still off and it’s driving me crazy. We got a big snow right before Thanksgiving break and then of course winter break happened and we were away and then came back and I promptly got sick even as a managed to finish NEVER ENOUGH, so yay to that!

I was better for one whole day and then got hit with food poisoning. No, I kid you not. However, I am feeling better at last and still we got snow last night which had an early release for the kids’ schools and though today is already a short schedule (our district has short Wednesdays to cut down on all the “in service” days) and they went in an hour late. Jeepers, if I ever get to write when I don’t feel like death or to the sounds of endless bickering, I’ll be a happy girl.

But the upshot is that I did finish Adrian’s book and really loved it at the end. I loved writing Gillian and though I’m done with the Browns for now, we’ll see them again, at least some glimpses, as I start my new contemporary series with Berkley Heat. This one will be set on Bainbridge Island and in Seattle like the Brown books were 🙂

I’m now working on Heart of Darkness, the first in my new paranormal romance series, Bound By Magic, from Berkley Sensation. This one is set in the world I wrote Sensual Magic and Revelation in. I’m so excited about this one. I love writing paranormals and I’m beyond thrilled (and somewhat nauseated) with the chance to branch out beyond erotic romance and into more paranormals, which I love love love writing. Never worry though, I promise the heat between Dominic and Meriel will be scorching!

I’ve been putting up snippets of my daily work at my facebook page if you’d like to come on over to “like” and read!

I’m off again, got to get those words on the page before the brood comes home! Have a great Wednesday everyone.

One comment to “Wednesday”

  1. Christine
    January 13th, 2011 at 7:48 am · Link

    Sorry to hear that you were ill. But I know about the vacation thing w/ the kids. I sometimes tell mine he should be in school on Saturday to make up for this vacation he gets. For which frowns at me. Well since we had snow also yesterday he was also running around in the snow playing oh to be a kid again.

    You know I can’t wait to read Adrian and Gillian’s story and new series sound absolutely delicious.