Snippet Saturday – Vacation

How about something from my recent holiday themed novella, BELIEVE? Believe takes place at a holiday resort in the mountains – just Rori and Jude…BTW, this excerpt will be a spoiler if you haven’t read SECOND CHANCES

Copyright 2010, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Carina Press

The drive was nice. Long, but not too long. Just the two of them in the truck, Rori humming and commenting on the scenery, feeding him snacks here and there. Each mile they passed between Oakley and Highlands, NC relaxed Jude more and more.

The roads were in good shape, though as they rose in elevation, they hit a few scattered snow flurries. He loved the light in her eyes, the wonder she didn’t hide as they traveled.

“I’m glad it’s cold. This way you’ll be in sweaters the whole time.”

“I brought the tight, thin ones so you can see my nipple rings.” Her murmured response sent a shiver up his spine.

Oh yes, that too.

That she put thought into ways to please him the way she did never ceased to amaze him. Fill him with a dizzying lust even as his love for her grew. She was that to him. Softness with an edge. Refuge and incitement. Everything he never knew he needed but would be lost without now that he had it.

The resort loomed ahead, at the top of the mountain, looking very much like a scene from a postcard. Even better, she leaned forward in her seat, eyes widened, hands clasped at her heart, smile as wide as Texas on her face.

“It’s perfect. Oh, Jude, thank you.” She turned to him as he keyed off the ignition once they’d parked. Because there was simply nothing else he could do, he leaned in and took her mouth, his palm sliding around the back of her neck to hold her to him.

Her sweetness burst through his system. “I love you.” He pressed one last kiss to her brow and headed to get her door and get them checked in.

Their cabin was indeed isolated, though they all were. The windows faced the valley below. Nothing but sky and trees. The last bit of any stress he’d had fell away as he dropped their bags and turned to take the place in.

Naked beams. He smiled and slid his gaze to her, finding her looking at them too, a flush on her cheeks.

In two steps he was pressing himself to her body, leaning to speak in a hoarse whisper, his mouth against the sensitive shell of her ear. “Does that make you wet?” He circled her, noting her shiver and the hitch of her breath. “I’m going to have you right there. Arms above your head, bound up for my pleasure.”

She swallowed hard and met his gaze. “Yes.”

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  1. Christine
    December 11th, 2010 at 8:05 am · Link

    What a great beginning. Can’t wait to get my copy