Today’s prize is a digital ARC of INSIDE OUT!

Since the book is a continuation of a series about this group of family and friends – how about an excerpt?

Copyright 2010, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, The Berkley Publishing Group
Releasing November 2

Elise took a bite of her sandwich and leaned forward after shooting a look toward Cope. “You’d best tell me every last dirty detail. I know it had to be dirty, because he’s a dirty, dirty boy.”

They had seen each other over the weekend, but Rennie had been along, so it wasn’t the time to share any sex details. They’d spoken on the phone, but again either Rennie or Brody had been around.
Ella looked over her shoulder, and they both laughed, catching Cope’s attention. He sent her a raised brow and then blew her a kiss.

“My god, he’s like, lethal,” Elise whispered. “You should see him naked.” The laughing started again. “So? Like, hotter than the sun?”

“His body is so spectacular I think I forgot my address just because my brain stopped thinking of anything else but the way his abs look. He’s all muscular and tight. Golden brown. Both nipples pierced.” She fanned herself with her napkin. “I feel bad for talking about him when his mother is just over there.”

Elise rolled her eyes. “Pffft. It’s not like she can hear us. Keep it going. What else? Obviously you two did the deed.”


“Nice! Brody has excellent recovery time too. He clearly knows what he’s about. No man walks the way he does without being the shit in the sack.”

“Such a way with words, Elise. Yes, yes, he knows what he’s about. He’s so, god, overwhelming. He’s got such a sweet side to him. Did you know he was restoring a house in Ballard? It’s magnificent. He’s done all this work on it, and it shows. I had no idea.”

Andrew Copeland was a far more complicated man than most would have suspected, though she often felt he liked it that way.

They’d sat in his bed, naked, eating cupcakes and drinking hot chocolate as he’d quoted Neruda. In Spanish. He’d reduced her to a pile of goo after that. More goo. Gooey-er? Whatever, that bad boy exterior had melted away, and she’d realized he had a soft, creamy center. More than that, he was so much smarter and accomplished than she’d ever given him credit for.

“He’s something else, Elise. I felt all weird because, let’s be honest, he’s got way more experience with sex than I do, and he’s so confident and stuff. But he, I don’t know, he made me feel good, confident, like no matter what I did or how I did it, it was awesome. No one has ever made me feel like that.” And she didn’t quite know what to do with it all.

“When Brody and I hit that place where we both had fallen for each other in a big way, I think we sort of reeled with it. How can you process something so intense after not having that connection to anyone before? You and Cope have known each other for years. You’re friends first, and that’s lethal because he knows you. Knows you in ways some new guy you met and dated wouldn’t. That’s something good.”

“Maybe. I mean, I do love that we’re friends. I trust him. He makes me laugh. I don’t feel like I always have to explain or entertain, what- ever. Cope’s just easy to be with, exciting, hot. All the best things about a man.”

Elise took a peek at Cope again before asking, “So, um, did he go downtown?”

“I could totally pretend I don’t understand your vulgar implication.” Ella gave a mock-stern face. “But yes. Yes. Oh. My. God. Yes.”

“What are you two hussies talking about?” Erin brought her food over, grabbing the empty chair they’d saved for her. “You’re getting Cope all worked up ’cause he knows you’re talking about him.”

“I’d wager groups of women talk about Cope all day every day all across this fine nation of ours,” Ella murmured and sipped her coffee.

“Spill the sex details.” Erin didn’t bother with any niceties.

“She already did. You’re too late. Ha.” Elise winked at Erin, who snorted.

“I’m totally convinced the details bear repeating. Plus, I’ll pester you nonstop until you spill, so just don’t waste my time. I’m gestating here.”

DAILY CONTEST QUESTION: Your choice – either feel free to ask a question about the book, series or my writing OR tell me about your two favorite books you’ve read this fall so far. I’ll choose a winner from the comments tomorrow morning!

JP aske
d: Who’s the next Phantom Corps book going to be about (after Andrei, I mean)? Captivated will be about Vincenz, Julian and Hannah. You’ll meet Hannah in Mesmerized.

And will there be any more Brown-set books after Adrian’s story? (or is that too spoilerish?) – I’m going to be proposing a new contemporary series to Berkley after I finish up with NEVER ENOUGH (Adrian’s book). It will also be set in the Pacific Northwest and will have some connections to the Brown Siblings books.

Finally, will you and Megan Hart be teaming up to do any more books?
She and I were just talking about this the other day. We certainly want to do it and we love working together. But she’s crazy busy writing for Spice, Berkley and MIRA and I’m crazy busy too so it’s really about finding the time to do it.

Jessica asked if I had any ink
– I don’t! I want to and I have a design worked up, it’s just about finding the time to make the commitment to get it done. I love tattoos (as you can tell from the books) and I love seeing people’s inkwork.

Kimberly asked: When writing a series is it sometimes hard to convey passing of time while keeping the continuity of the series? This is something I learned early on. Yes. It’s something an author has to be mindful of to be sure it makes sense. To be aware of the passage of time and also the way publishing works and how long it can be between books, etc.

Jenny asked: When you start a new book, do you have an outline you follow or do you just see where the characters take you? Has there ever been a character that took a totally different direction than you originally had planned? Generally, I like to pre-write – I get some basics done, think about and make notes on my characters and their stories, etc. These days I do an outline hitting the big important stuff and then I fill the rest in as I go. The foundation is generally what I go in with and the rest, the filling is organic to the process. And yes, many, MANY of my characters have gone in different directions than I’d originally planned. I don’t know them well enough when I first start writing so as I go through, they reveal themselves to me in ways I couldn’t know in advance.

Natasha asked: What book in the Brown series is your favourite? That’s really hard to say because each book is one I love for different reasons. I love that Laid Bare is such a heroine-centric book. I love that Coming Undone has a child in it and I adore Brody. I love Inside Out for all the ways these two characters reveal themselves to each other, how well they *get* the other. It’s the most romantic of the three so far I think.

Stephanie asked: When your books are re-released do you ever think about going back and tweaking them or adding something to an already there epilogue? So far I’ve only done the one re-release with Second Chances and yes, it was great to go back and add to the story as I thought about it over the years. The thing about revising an older title is that it’s a snapshot of who you were then, what your skills were – I must admit that I like it. I like to see how I’ve progressed over the years, so I’m hesitant to undertake a full overhaul of a previously released book because a lot of those things are entertwined with the story itself.

Heather K asked: When writing a series, do you have an outline of just the first book, or a general idea about the entire series from the inception? It depends on the series. Sometimes I write the first book not thinking about making it into a series but then I think, “oh hey I’d love to write so and so’s book” or whatever. Even then it’s more of a concept – I’m going to do a series about this family or group of friends. Many times I don’t know who will have the last book until I’m working on the second one. Other times, I plot out a story arc over X number of books and then fill in the whos and whys like I did with the Phantom Corps series.

Jessie asked: Will you be writing about any of the secondary characters in Second Chances? I had always planned to write about Cole, so yes, I’d love to go back to him and give him a HEA. Ryan has been on my mind lately too – so who knows – I hope so.

Cathy F wants to know who I put Adrian with in Never Enough As soon as I get the back cover copy, I will post it so fans of the series can see who his heroine is. It’s usually 8 months out, so a while from now. I do promise she’ll be worthy of him and he of her.

Amanda says: I read some where that there will be another book in this series please tell me that is true! Yes, NEVER ENOUGH, which will be Adrian’s book, will be out in September of 2011

Rachel asks:
I do have a question, When an idea hits you. Do you immediately start writing or just jot it down and work on it later?? Depends on my schedule. I used to do that a lot more, but when my schedule is very tight, I have to write down the idea, keep notes and make myself wait until I have the time. Though sometimes and idea is relentless and I’ll give in and write a scene or two.

Oh oh one more Are Brody and Elise gonna have a baby together??? Eventually. They have a family already with Rennie, but they want to expand that family as well. Everyone in the group will grow and mature in INSIDE OUT

Alisha asks: 1) Your descriptions of the characters are always very vivid, when you started writing the De La Vega men is there a real person who inspired you or just chance? 2) I know you probably have your hands filled with the series you are currently working on but I would like to know will we be introduced to a new series by you any time soon?

Sometimes as I write I’ll really have someone specific in my head. It can be a celebrity – when I was writing Relentless I just saw Daniel Craig in my head when I wrote Roman. Other times it can be a combo of different features, someone I saw on the street or in another car, whatever. Gibson reminds me a lot of Jason Momoa with some Gary Dourdan thrown in. Galen has more of his father’s looks so he’s more cafe au lait than Max, who is darker. Oh and when I write Akio, I always see Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Yes to the new series question! Several of my other series are all spinning off or ending so there are several new things on the horizon. Bound By Magic is a new paranormal romance series from Berkley Sensation. The first book, Heart of Darkness, will come out in November of next year. This one will be about the world of magick and Clan witches. I give a tiny peek at this world at the end of Revelation and wrote a novella, Sensual Magic also set in the same universe, featuring Nell Hunter, who is the best friend of Heart of Darkness’ heroine, Meriel.

I’ll also be proposing a new contemporary erotic romance series to Berkley Heat, the first book will be out in 2012. I’m working on the details now.

In addition to those two, I’ve also got the de La Vega Cats and the Murphy Family books, the first called Once and Again and will feature Nathan Murphy (From the Chase Brothers series) – both out from Samhain.

Renee asks: since you write series do you like to read series and do your books (the series ones) go the way you plan them or think they will go or do you sometimes end up with surprises? I don’t think I’ve ever written a book exactly how I wrote the synopsis for. Ever. The writing of the details is organic, I don’t know them really until I start writing. So books like Laid Bare for instance, are at heart the same, Erin never changed, but Ben wasn’t supposed to be in it that way. There was supposed to be one menage scene and it was supposed to have been Cope. But Ben had his way with me and I’m glad I listened! So I might know there will be four books about four characters in a group of people (family or friends) but not the particulars until I write the book before it, or two before it, or whatever. It’s cumulative really.

Rory asks: Do you ever think you might do a historical or something totally different with your writing? My futuristics have a deliberate anachronistic feel, a touch of historical. I love to read it, and I love to write it in a spec fic sense – using the feel of the period in a twisted way. I’m finishing up my first urban fantasy for Carina right now, Goddess With A Blade – which is something new for me and I love it. I’ve got lots of story ideas in my head – including a dark fantasy/horror idea.

Pam asks: Are you going to do any more Fae books. And how many federation books do you have contracted/planned. And please tell me andrei is next. Yep indeed, Andrei’s book is next. Mesmerized and it’s out in April. Contract wise, I’ve got two more futuristics: Mesmerized in April and Captivated the following spring. I have an idea I’d love to work on to continue with the series, though not necessarily as an erotic romance. As for my Fae – I love to write them! They are a lot of fun, I love the research and the subject. If I come up with an idea I really like and the time to do it, yes, I’ll definitely write more.

Aisha asks: Is Raven Adrian’s heroine in the next book? I’ll reveal who Adrian’s heroine is when I get the official back cover copy from Berkley.

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  1. Lindsey Ekland
    October 27th, 2010 at 1:45 am · Link

    I am loving Jacquelyn Frank’s new book Drink of Me set in a whole new world. I also really liked Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn.

  2. Tracey D
    October 27th, 2010 at 3:44 am · Link

    Of the books I’ve read this fall, Nicholas and Dane by Elizabeth Amber have been my favorite so far.


  3. Jeckie
    October 27th, 2010 at 5:44 am · Link

    Hi Lauren! 🙂

    Ok, question – who is YOUR favorite of your characters?

    As for best books this summer – Gennita Low’s “Virtually Hers” and Jeanienne Frost’s “Halfway to the Grave”. Both caught me and wouldn’t let me go!

  4. Bella F.
    October 27th, 2010 at 6:53 am · Link

    just finished Play of Passion by Nalini Singh and loved it! and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins was my other fave this fall. but I kknow there’ll plenty more by the end of Nov, lol