A Question Answered – Bound By Magic Series

Nora asked in the comments: I was wondering what the new bound by magic series will be about? Will it be about kendra and renee reaching out to other witches or about the providence clan or will it be a new series completely?

The Bound By Magic series is set in the world I wrote in Sensual Magic (What Happens in Vegas…After Dark anthology) and it will be about the world of Clan Witches. You got a glimpse of Meriel, the heroine in Heart of Darkness, in Sensual Magic, she’s next in line to lead Clan Owen, a large organization of witches whose territory runs from Vancouver Washington to the California border. Clan witches run themselves like a cross between a multi national corporation and a small town. Every person within the structure has a place and a responsibility.

The hero, Dominic Bright, is outclan – meaning he was raised outside the Clan system and has many reasons to distrust it. When he breaks Clan Owen rules, Meriel has to deal with the problem and that’s when they meet.

In the BBM world, Council witches (those in leadership positions) have bond mates – as in they achieve their full power when they unite with another witch who has those complimentary powers and gifts. This is NOT always a romantic or sexual pairing, though it’s very intimate and bond mates do have very close relationships. So Meriel and Dominic are bond mates (yes, I know you’re all surprised over this) but he’s got a long way to go before he can accept it and who he is within that system. And Meriel is a strong woman, but she wants to help him find that way.

In REVELATION, Kendra and Renee met witches from Clan Rodas – which is connected to the world in BBM, but they won’t be part of the series, at least not the first books.

HEART OF DARKNESS is the first book in the series and it’ll be out from Berkley Sensation in November of next year in mass market paperback.

Does that answer the question? Have any more? Ask Away!

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  1. Corinne
    October 13th, 2010 at 8:45 pm · Link

    Hi Lauren –

    You may have answered this before, but are you writing anymore de la Vega jamboree books? I loved the previous books and was hoping that perhaps more were planned. Thanks!
    – Cori

  2. berryblu
    October 16th, 2010 at 3:22 pm · Link

    😀 Yay for a continuation of “Sensual Magic”!

    😥 A whole year! I want the stories NOW!