Snippet Saturday – Favorite Scenes

This one was really tough, because there is at least one or two favorite scenes in every book I’ve ever written. Thankfully, I’ve posted many of them for other Snippet Saturday theme days, LOL so I could narrow it down a little. I love this scene in Wolf Unbound when Ben finds a nearly dead Tegan…

Copyright 2007, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Samhain Publishing

As they edged up to the building Ben doubled over and began to shake.

“What? Ben, is Tegan…tell me!” Lex ordered urgently, his own hands trembling as he whispered.

“She’s so fucking scared. God, let’s go. She’s so afraid now. They’re going to do something to her.”

Maxwell Williams, the Alpha of Great Lakes shook his head. “We move now.” He gave a hand sign to his wolves and looked to Jack and Lex, who nodded. As a group, they moved into position, took out the guards and with one as a hostage, got into the building.

Megan and Dave took out the surveillance cameras as they continued down a long hallway.

Ben scented her, scented Tegan, sickness and blood, smelled her fear and her anguish.

“Don’t rush in there, Ben. Be patient,” Lex warned him. Ben knew that, he’d been on enough of these raids as a cop to know the score but his wolf itched to go and grab his mate.

Suddenly, he heard a shout and they all began to run. Jack kicked open the door and Ben tore his way through three wolves as he rushed straight to a table where Tegan lay, pale and barely conscious.

“Wait, don’t, not that one,” she mumbled as Ben started to snap the neck of the wolf nearest her bed. “He’s been helping.”

“I have. Pellini left using the back door. Be careful, that hall has booby traps!” he called out to Maxwell’s people as they ran to follow Pellini’s retreat.

“I knew you’d come.” She began to cry and Ben didn’t know what to do. His strong warrior woman, his red wolf crying in fear? He locked his knees and leaned over her body.

“You will fix her now or I will kill you,” he growled to the other man.

“I can’t. She’s got silver in her. Pellini used it before he left. It’s killing her. She has to change. I can’t make her wolf answer.”

Nina heard and with a gasp, she ran, shouting Jack’s name. Megan went to her sister’s side as Ben kissed Tegan’s face over and over, murmuring to her.

“Come on red wolf, come out. I need you to change. I’m a wolf now too. It’s so beautiful and I want to share it with you. Please, don’t you leave me. You can’t. I demand you change right this instant!”

Jack came rushing back and Megan moved so he could get to Tegan on the other side.

“Tegan, I’m going to make your wolf rise. You have to help me. I know it’s painful out here but you’ll be better once you change.” He put his palm on her heart and the other on her forehead.

She was so pale, sweat poured off her as she began to tremble.

“Silver seizures. She only has a few minutes now. You have to get her to change or she will die.”

“If she dies, you do,” Ben growled, never taking his eyes from her face.

He felt her wolf stir and his pushed at him. He opened himself up to it, if his wolf felt he could help, Ben would let him through. His wolf burst up through his consciousness and stood, looking at her.

Barking over and over, he grabbed her wrist with his teeth and bit, not to hard but to make her notice.

Jack mumbled and Maxwell ran into the room. He moved next to Jack and placed his hands on Tegan as well. Her wolf jerked closer to the surface.

Ben turned and barked at Lex. Lex had to help too. Lex rushed in with Nina, saw them all and with an anguished cry, he joined them, Nina following suit.

Her life grew dimmer and dimmer until Ben barely felt their connection. He howled then, loud and clear, howled his pain, his anguish, his fury and his passion. He felt it all leave him and fill the air.

The air around her shimmered for a moment and suddenly, a red wolf lay on the table where Tegan’s human form had been. Lex and Jack picked her up and put her next to Ben, who curled around her body protectively, placing his muzzle against her chest, feeling the rise and fall.

After a few minutes, Ben changed back and got dressed in borrowed clothing. They left Tegan in wolf form and went to the Great Lakes compound. A series of buildings on the lake surrounded by woods.

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  1. Christine
    June 6th, 2010 at 6:40 am · Link

    This is one my favorites in the series. And what an emotional scene btw. Ben & Tegan. You could literally feel his panic through the pages