Is that….

Light I see at the end of this tunnel? Mebbe so.

Turned in Revelation at the end of last week. Now I’m working on revisions for INSIDE OUT and then I’ll start on my novella for the Heat menage/love triangle themed anthology. Mine is a menage story. Still wrestling with a title, though I expect that will come to me the more I write. I’m returning to small town America for those of you who enjoy my small town books. After that it’s on to MESMERIZED, my next Phantom Corps book which will be Andrei’s story (you meet him briefly in Relentless and see more of him in Insatiable).

Finally settling here in our new house, kids adjusting to their new schools. I have to say one drawback is that I hate the three nearest grocery stores. The produce section is dire, organics and natural foods are sparse and they don’t carry the brands I like most. This makes me grr. However, today on a lark I stopped at this small produce market in the back of a nearby strip mall and wow, I was in heaven! My dude will be pleased to see he’s having asparagus with the salmon I’m making for dinner tomorrow (tonight is lasagne). It’s locally owned and I like that a lot.

Reading wise, things are slow because I’m so busy working. But I did manage to sneak in Silver Borne and was totally blown away by it. Amazing character development in Mercy. Lots of great emotion and growth by all. Great storyline both the growing relationship between Mercy and Adam, and the main story about the fae looking for the book Mercy has. Loved it. Briggs continues to get better and better with each book.

I did catch Quarantine on Saturday and whoa was that a well done scary movie. I loved it! I am so not a fan of torture and spatter gore movies – hate all the Saw and Hostel type stuff, so it can be sparse to find a movie that is not filled with wall to wall semi naked women getting tortured and/or bits getting hacked off. But Quarantine had some really amazing tension and suspense filled moments. The camera thing worried me as I get motion sick sometimes with the “shaky cam” thing, but Quarantine didn’t bother me at all. The dude and I actually have a date this coming Saturday and I really want to see Kick Ass.

That’s it for my exciting life. Off to show more and tell less…

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