Awwww Yeah…. It's Friday!

And I’m totally going to sleep in tomorrow! Or I hope to and may have to harm any child who bangs on my bedroom door before 8 am for anything less than fire, blood or choking (I know, my mothering staggers you all, doesn’t it?)

This weekend will be about sleep. About cleaning my house. Pushing to make lots and lots of words in INSIDE OUT and reading. I really want to read but I swear every single night this week something new has come up. School stuff, family stuff, house stuff. Just a lot of little stuff that demands my attention no matter how much Victoria Dahl tries to lure me back into Tumble Creek.

I might even see if I can charm my dude into heading out for a bookstore check/family lunch at Blue C Sushi, but it depends on just how much sushi lures me when I’d rather be home not dealing with crowds.

That’s it. I’m not very exciting right now unless you count hounding children to do homework and looking at window treatments.

Oh! For those of you who’d like to give donations toward disaster relief in Haiti:

The Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
Oxfam (who have been in Haiti and lost one of their staff members there in the quake)

There are many more, but the ones above are all reputable and do good work.

2 comments to “Awwww Yeah…. It's Friday!”

  1. Ann
    January 15th, 2010 at 9:17 pm · Link

    Hope you get to sleep in, and read. 😎

  2. cristina
    January 16th, 2010 at 9:12 am · Link

    I was so excited that i got a knock on my door it was the post bringing me coming undone!!! I’m half way thru already…good stuff and very sweet. i’ll probably be finished it tonite…GAH Brody is hot…I AM LOVING HIM… hot book but i find that this is truly a LOVE story..Iam falling for the both of GOOD… thumbs up!!!

    as for victoria’s book… so good i finished that one in a day too. is this book the end of her series??? do you know.. she doesnt write as HOT as you do… but her stuff is character driven much like your writing. you just want more… I’m still want more from the chase brothers… like a 10 year reunion tour or something. I know all the loose ends are tied up in the series but its hard not to want more from the chase family…

    have a great weekend…